How To Choose The Best Bathroom Faucet

There are individuals who do not pay attention to their fixtures or anything that is found at home because what is more important for them is the fact that it is functioning. While there are homeowners who are very meticulous with details like the bathroom faucet and they make sure that this will match the theme and design of the house. If possible, they would like to get the best bathroom faucet that would be convenient for their daily use since bathing is usually done two or more times a day.

best faucet

Some of these people may not focus on the design as well as the brand, but they are too serious in choosing what they can easily grip or hold, especially when their hands are wet with soap or shampoo. Remember that some are used to soap their faces with cream and their eyes are often closed so in this situation they would choose a bathroom faucet that requires no effort when opening. Anyway, these are just a few considerations, basing on one’s preferences because we all have our own choice and this will depend on our convenience.

Since faucet is an important part of the bathroom, it has to be something that will favor us and not only because it is pretty or unique. So, if you feel like your bathroom faucet was already installed and you want to change it or if you are plans of purchasing a new one, then there are a few things that must be considered before buying to avoid wasting money. This might not be very expensive, but the time it would take to install and the availability of the plumber or handyman matters a lot as well.

Type of Installation

If you would like to replace your old bathroom faucet, I suggest you buy the ones that would fit the same hole to make sure that it will work. But if you will buy a different one, then you need to request some fixing and not to leave holes on the wall or unattended pipes.

As far as installation is concerned, you may choose to install using a center set type where the faucet has 2 handles and a spout in one unit, so you will need some drilling skills here for the holes on both sides. While with the widespread installation, the spot and handles are separated so choose how far these would be located. This is ideal for a sink in the corner of your bathroom.

There are also faucets with one hole, which is a single unit but functions for hot as well as cold water. This is often designed with a sensor. Lastly, we have faucets that you can mount on the wall. This is nice but the water is splashing and you will get more splash the higher the faucet is mounted.


This is your own preference and it will reflect on how stylish,artistic, and detailed you are. You can always choose from distinct categories, such as modern, tradition, or transitional. Depending on your choice, you can always mix and match a certain bathroom theme with various styles like contemporary, vintage, sleek, and retro. Let’s say that you may show how creative you are.

If you would like it with a modern style, then you will notice that most of the faucets are designed with some angles, ornated handle as well as sharp or curved corners. And then, even the water coming out from the faucet has a style like a waterfall. Let’s say that this is freestyle so you can fancy as well.


We do not need a lot of features when it comes to a bathroom faucet. However, we need to check on a few things like the height of the spout’s arc, especially when you have a shelf above it, this is not a worry when all you have is a mirror on the wall.

The other feature is the handle which will depend on the type of installation you want to have. So you may have one for modern designs, then two for the hot and cold feature.


The last thing that you may want to consider when choosing a bathroom faucet is the finish. This will affect the beauty and elegance of the bathroom, so you have to match the finish with the accessories, design, or theme for harmony purposes.

Your first option is chrome which is the usual finish of bathroom faucets. It looks great because of the reflection effect but water stains it so you should clean it often. While the brushed-chrome is a type of finish that is shinier than chrome.

We also have a brass finish which is quite trendy due to the warm and golden color that made it look like an antique. This is an ideal one in traditional and retro bathroom themes or styles. While nickel is close to chrome and bronze is deeper than brass finishes. And then, black for a modern finish.