12 Amazing Gift Ideas To Surprise Your Man On A Special Day

Gifting a girl pal something on a special occasion is easy. You can buy a purse or a handbag, and for outfits, you can use your fashion sense and blend it with the choice of the concerned person to come up with something impressive. But when it comes to gifting your man, most of you get confused or out of ideas as to what he will like to have.

While some of you may go by your instinct, some others may end up ruining the surprise element by asking her man what he wants. It’s for this second category of women that we have developed this post to help them plan the best surprise for their partners without going overboard.

Men like simple things such as a wallet purse or phone case and the ideas given below can help you find the right gift to impress him. Whether it’s his birthday, your anniversary, or professional achievement, the following gift ideas will be perfect to celebrate every occasion.

Customized Photobooks

You can both make a collage of your favorite photos of him or those with his family, e.g. childhood pictures, and create the perfect birthday album with beautiful texts added to the same. You should then go to a reliable online store for customized gifts and get the photobook printed. When he opens the gift, it will be an emotional roller coaster for him and he will be both surprised and awed.

Kindle Reader

If your man loves to read, you can gift him a Kindle reader to read on the way and at home with ease. It will be the perfect gift for a book lover, as paperback editions take a lot of space. This apart, he will have thousands of books at his fingertips to read all day and night and create his collection online. For its inherent convenience, kindle readers are gaining in importance among book nerds, and you can help your man join the bandwagon too.

Multi-purpose charging station

If he has the habit of misplacing his chargers and tearing the entire house apart while searching for it, this is the right time to get a multi-purpose charging station. It will not only help him keep all his electronic devices together but also charge them more conveniently in one place. You can go for eco-friendly materials instead of plastic, especially if he has a thing for sustainability. It will touch his heart for sure.  If you want to go for something a little extra check out the best pc gaming chairs under 100.

A date night T-shirt

If your partner loves to dress up in cool Ts and denim, you can gift him a casual T-shirt to help him ace the style game with confidence. For example, the casual Ts by JasperHollandCo.com are specially designed for date nights and are quite fashionable in their simplistic, minimalist way. Before you buy the T-shirt, you should get the details of your partner’s size to ensure the right fit.

Self-stirrer coffee mug

If the smell of coffee gets him on his toes in the morning, then this can be the perfect gift for him. He doesn’t have to stir the milk, sugar, and coffee for 20 seconds, as this is a self-stirrer coffee mug, which is also vacuum-insulated to help him have his coffee on the go.

Wireless headset

As mentioned earlier, men like to keep things simple and hassle-free. It’s quite natural that he may feel frustrated with the wires of his headset getting tangled and messy always. You can help him untangle his ‘life’ by gifting a wireless headset to him on his special day. Let him enjoy some music while commuting without messing with the chords anymore.


A fitness freak, as he is, he will love a pair of sweatpants to burn off some extra calories while taking a brisk walk across the park. Go for less-bright tones, like grey or sky blue to ensure that they have no qualms about the gift and love it immensely. You can also complete the effect with a pair of his favorite sneakers that may have gotten worn out already.

A basketball hoop

The idea may sound weird, but for a sports-loving person, this is the perfect gift, as you will see in his sparkling eyes the moment he opens it. Let him have his ‘me’ time shooting hoops at the basket and making scores that he can cherish throughout the day. It will also help enhance his focus and concentration and improve his productivity on workdays.

A duffel bag

Duffel bags are extremely popular among men, who love to hit the gym regularly. You can gift the same to him to express your acknowledgment for his ay of life and his enthusiasm for fitness. You can also pair it up with a set of workout wear for your partner, and he will be more than just impressed. His excitement will surely go through the roof.

Grooming kit

Again, if you man loves to live in style, you can gift him a men’s grooming kit including shaving accessories, deodorant, beard cream, shower gel, shampoo, and scented soaps, and so on. You can pair it up with a cool T-shirt and casual jeans to create a perfect birthday or anniversary package. Choose a professional hairdressing scissor set from Japan Scissors USA.

Travel bag

If he has wanderlust, nothing can serve the best gift as a travel bag on wheels. You can include a customized passport case and an air pod charger to complete the effect. Let your man feel that you have immense respect for his wanderlust and that you have no problems with him disappearing for a few weeks or so.

Antiglare clear glasses

If he has the habit of working on the computer for long hours, you can buy him a pair of antiglare specs to protect his eyes from Computer Visual Syndrome. Make sure you pick a stylish frame to help him wear it outside as a fashion accessory as well.

Wrapping it up

The aforementioned ideas are enough to help you choose the right gift for your man, depending on his hobbies, likes, and fashion sense. Each one of these gifts will provide your man with your silent acknowledgment of his lifestyle and hobbies, thus enhancing your relationship further.