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How to give your bed a header when it does

A headboard behind your bed wearing the main focal point of the decor of your bedroom. A header is not an essential part of the design of the bed, but you can add a decorative touch to the room. You can make recycled wood headboards, fabric or foam. The benefit of designing a cheap header is the ability to change it at any time if you need a new look for the bedroom.

your bed

To create the appearance of a head, tie a decorative fabric to a canvas artist who is barely wider than the width of the mattress. You can create a padded headboard filling the space between the canvas and the fabric with wadding (cotton or wool). Hang the painting on the wall directly behind the bed to secure it in place.

Decorated ceramic tiles or fixed on the wall directly behind the bed can give the appearance of a header. Use reflective tiles to coordinate with decor style Hollywood glamour  old or like. Create your own design with tiles for a header that is unlike any other.

Recycled wood is an inexpensive way to create your header. Old doors decorative painted a color or coated fabric may mimic the appearance of a header when they are located side conceals the latch hole in the bottom of the bed. Old doors with panels provide interesting design pattern to paint or tie a cloth. To give height to the header, you can hang the door on the wall. The fence posts can create an interesting header also in a room decorated so inspired floral or garden. The edges of a fireplace and tablecloths can be an interesting choice for a smaller bed, or you can place two edges together for a bigger bed.

Shelves and painting
Shelves nailed to the wall behind the bed can provide a space to hold decorative accessories or books. Paint the area under the shelves to test the header area with the rest of the wall color. You can also paint a headboard on the wall to give a fantastic decorative touch. If you have the skills, paints and draws poles curved designs directly on the wall.