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Decorating a bedroom with wooden furniture

The atmosphere and comfort of the room is important. Unlike the living or dining room, most visitors do not see the bedroom, so you can reflect your style and personality. There are many choices of bright colors or tranquilizers to modern or traditional wooden furniture. Redecorating the small details can make a big difference.


False headers

The headboards and footboards can be expensive, but using a standard metal structure with a fake header can make your space look as sophisticated as a real one. Building an upholstered headboard that attaches to the wall is a one-day project with impressive results. If you do not have the tools, see local store for home improvement options tool rental. You can also paint a headboard faux wall paint for wall interior. This is an easy way to make your ultra personal space. If you do not trust your painting skills, using a template.

Decorating a bedroom

Shelves with Curtains

If you have open shelving in the bedroom, you know, sometimes, they can be messy. An easy solution is to add curtains. If you are using barrels designed for decorating windows and do a few seams (using tape or heat activated), you can create curtains to cover shelves with fabric of your choice. The curtains light up the room and hide the content, it is easier to tidy your bedroom.


Add allophones

Introduce a range of pillows in the bedroom is an easy way to add color, texture and comfort. You can make your own pillowcases and pillow forms buy in most stores and craft fabrics or you can buy a wide range of stylish pillows at discount department stores. Collect pillows in different shapes and colors adds variety to the room and not also hesitate to alternate them throughout the house.


Painted wood

Although some designers disapprove painting wooden furniture, you can be a good addition to the less formal rooms such as bedrooms or rooms. It is also an economical and creative way to reuse and reinvent traditional furniture. Converts a desk or console on a toilet with a makeover with color paint or draw bedside tables with freshly painted side tables or corner units. The key to success is to match the existing wood finish with the type of paint.


New finish for furniture

The refinishing projects require more labor, but you can give new life to old furniture with a little planning. An evening or weekend refinishing an old dresser can become a relic.