Why Do You Need a Mavea Water Filter for Your Home?

No matter where you live, nowadays, your “clean” water might have lots of harmful elements. It might be arsenic, chlorine, or even some larger particles. They don’t only affect water quality, but the smell and taste as well.

There are various reasons why you need a water filter for your home. There are even more reasons why you need a Mavea water filter. Let’s dive into the details. WaterFiltersAdvisor wrote about many feature of the Mavea water filter.

What Makes Water Contaminated

Various things make the water contaminated. For example, tap water can contain parasites from human or animal feces. Those organisms can quickly reach underground water and contaminate it. Yet, it’s difficult to notice them in small amounts.

Besides, various industrial chemicals can also reach drinking water, especially nitrates in fertilizers. Lead and mercury, which are hazardous in the long term, sometimes enter the water from natural deposits underground.

In the end, one of the most hazardous water contaminants is arsenic. It occurs in rocks and soil and has various purposes in agriculture and industry. Also being the byproduct of copper smelting and mining, arsenic can be even fatal in large doses. But let’s see what are the actual harmful effects of those contaminants.

Negative Effects of Contaminated Water

The negative effects of contaminated water can range from very mild to severe. The effects might not be noticeable right away, but they can lead to serious problems over the years. Severe effects, on the other hand, can even be life-threatening.

The first symptoms of contaminated water can include diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach problems. However, let’s say that water has a high percentage of arsenic. In some cases, it can lead to partial paralysis, blindness, or even death. Besides, long-term exposure to contaminated water significantly increases the chances of various cancers.

What Water Filters Do?

There are various types of water filters. However, their purpose is usually the same – to remove contaminants from water and make it safe for drinking. Most filters use two techniques to remove contaminants – physical and chemical filtration.

Physical filtration removes larger particles. It uses something like a glorified sieve, which keeps particles inside, and lets the water pass. That way, larger particles become trapped, and you get purified water. However, it’s still not clean enough to say that it’s safe for drinking.

Chemical filtration, on the other hand, is used for removing and absorbing the tiniest particles. It involves passing water through a specific material that chemically removes most of the impurities. However, the percentage of success depends on the quality of the filter.

Why Mavea Water Filter?

Among many filters on the market, Mavea is one of the most consumed around the world. It’s a subsidiary of the world’s leading company that invented water filtration in Germany, almost 50 years ago. However, Mavea specializes in selling filters mostly for out-of-home usage. Whether you need a filter for a coffee machine, dishwasher, or conventional oven, Mavea’s got the right choice for you.

Most of their filters are BPA free and provide various features. For example, some filters come with micro-screen which reduces the release of carbon particles into the water system. Then, most filters have a unique shape that ensures a consistent flow rate over the filter. Their filters don’t need any form of pre-soaking and usually contain silver for antimicrobial protection. It also plays a huge role in extending the filter’s life.

There are a few more things that Mavea filters achieve. At first, all of these filters remove that specific chlorine taste and odor. They are also proven to be excellent at removing most organic impurities, heavy metals, and pesticides. In the end, by getting a Mavea water filter, you get all of these features at a reduced cost, compared to most filters in the same category.  Then you can enjoy sparkling water taps every day.

A Few Words in the End

If you’ve ever used a water filter, you might have noticed that something is missing. Either they don’t remove 100% of impurities or they last short. Or, maybe, they are expensive. That’s why many people turn to Mavea. By providing the best quality at an affordable price, Mavea has become one of the leading companies in Industry. It’s definitely worth checking out!