What Size Drill Bit for Jewelry Making

The size of the drill bit depends on the size of the jewelry you are making. The bit size can be large or small. For the best results pick the right punch hole or drill bit for your wire gauge.

Assembling the right tools to join in the jewelry making industry is a challenge. Knowing the jewelry making drill and the right size of the drill bit is the first hurdle you must pass. Assembling the tools gives you an easy time of creating original pieces that can fetch the best price.

The post puts all the necessary guidelines to help you pick the appropriate size drill bit for jewelry making. The final touch you put on the piecework depends on the drill bit size you choose for the jewelry making drill. Before getting to work, know the metal gauge you are using and size of the metal with the knowledge that thick gauge jewelry requires big bit sizes.

The Different Types of Drill Bit for Metal

Differences in size drill bit for jewelry making can vary in diameter and other variations as you can see below.

Twisted drills: they possess the same thickness from the shank to the tip of the drill. The drilling experience is reliable and can go deeper than a shank drill

Composition: your drill bit toughness depends on the metal you are working with. Some drill bits come from a high-speed construction that will prolong their life in your workshop. Such bits can withstand high temperature.

Diamond twist drill: if your area of expertise is the gemstones and glass, the twisted diamond drill works best. The drill bits have a diamond coating and ideal for making holes for jewelry in glass and gemstones

Pearl drills: the drill bit size is suitable for metal jewelry featuring pearls. The design of these bits will not destroy the pearls enabling you to come up with ingenious additions.

The high-speed drill bits

Sometimes referred to as the HSS, the drill bits have a twisted shape and made of high-speed steel (HSS). They are useful in broadening the drill cutting. Their high speed and composition mean they withstand the high temperature during the jewelry making process. If you are using other materials other than metal, the HSS will work for you.

Tools that you can use with drill bits

Different drills support the use of bits that can shape metal in the jewelry making process. Remember that matching the right tool with the right size drill bit allows you to master the control you will have over the piecework. Whether your choice of design pushes you to use the thick drill bits or the design requires a particular kind of thickness, the final design will count.

You will also need a lubricant to cool off the drill bit and to give a deeper penetration when making a hole the metal.

Why use metal drill bits

When dealing with metal as your workpiece, you need the metal drill for specific roles that only the metal bits can perform.

Pattern sawing

You may want to give your design a pattern on the pendant, and the most accurate way of accomplishing the task is using a saw blade.

Adding chains and jump rings

You may need to add a loop on the pendant or jewelry, and in such a case, metallic drill bits will pierce through the metal.

Tips: Working with Drill Bits

  • Use a straw on your mouth to blow away metal chippings coming from the metal surface without stopping the drilling action
  • Use a taper or a label and use glue to create a propeller stick. Attach the propeller to the drill bit and continue working without the worry of cleaning up while working.
  • Always use a lubricant irrespective of the type of drill bit. You can use mineral oil instead of machine oil because of the less chemical exposure. Lubrication extends the life of your drill bit because at some point a drill bit will break off.

Final word

Now that you have an idea of the types of drill bits and tools that will draw your work above the rest, there is no way to stop you now. If you are trying this for the first time, ensure that you get the right drill type that will fit the size drill bit for jewelry making and hope you get better.