What makes a good dental experience

Paying a routine visit to the dentist is a significant part of maintaining good oral health. Unfortunately, it’s not everyone that looks forward to seeing a dentist. Making patients happy and comfortable during their visit to the dentist should be a top priority to every dental office. This is why experienced dental clinics like Do good dental always do their best to ensure that every dental patient leaves the clinic happy.

Meanwhile, here are some of the things that make a good dental experience.

Easy Booking

Making an appointment to see a dentist shouldn’t be frustrating, it should be as easy as possible. When dental clinics make booking easy for patients, it leaves a good impression on them. Dental offices can improve booking by:


  • Permitting online booking: Allowing patients to book their appointments online helps simplify the whole process of booking a dental appointment. Online booking in a way, also reduces phone traffic.
  • Sending booking reminders: Most dental appointments are often booked months before the appointments. Dental offices sending texts or emails to the patients as regards the upcoming appointments helps patients avoid missing their appointments.
  • Offering appointments after regular work period: Since most dental offices only render services during regular work hours (9-5). A lot of people will have to miss work for their dental appointments. When a dental office offers appointments outside regular work hours, patients don’t have to miss work to see the dentist.

Beautiful Environment

Although the designs of a dental office don’t entirely guarantee the patient having a good dental experience, it certainly helps. A comfortable, clean, and pleasing interior can put a patient’s nerves at ease. Things like natural lighting, good and comfortable furniture, and relaxing music playing in the background help a lot.

Excellent Communication

It’s difficult to have a good dental experience if the patient is ignorant of what is going on. A good dentist should clearly explain the process, offer needful information, and patiently answer questions from patients. When it comes to providing quality health care services, honesty and clear communication go a long way.

Compassionate Staff

A staff that is caring, tenderhearted, and kind can improve a dental patient’s experience. When patients know that their dental health team actually cares about them and takes their wellness as a priority, their loyalty will also increase.

Making friendly conversations, keeping a smiling face, and being nice to patients are actions dental staff should put into practice during every appointment.

Having a Personal Relationship

No patient wants to feel like they are “just a number “. One way to avoid this is by establishing a personal connection with them. This can be achieved by asking a series of questions about their overall health. Dental staff should record every one of their conversations with each patient so they can follow up with the patient on their next visit. This way, they won’t have to ask the same question again. When a patient realizes that their dental team remembers details about them, it makes the patient feel special and makes them grow a feeling of loyalty to the dental team.

Offering Free WiFi

This is a great way of keeping patients entertained during their dental appointments. Sitting in a dental office while waiting for a dentist can build up a feeling of anxiety in the patient. Providing them with access to WiFi can go a long way in alleviating the anxiety. Offering free WiFi at a dental office makes it easy for some patients that left work for their appointments to get some work done while they wait.

Easy Payment Of Bill

Making it easy for patients to pay bills is another way to provide patients with an awesome dental experience. This is especially important when targeting the young generation. Apart from improving patients’ experience, making it easy to pay bills opens up more free time to do other important dental work. Sending in credit card information takes more time than necessary and is fast becoming an outdated option for making payments. If you are still using this system at your clinic, it is time you consider changing it.

To excel in any business, you need to take customer relations seriously. If you don’t take care of your customers, they will eventually leave you for others who will. If your dental clinic is struggling to keep loyal customers, then maybe it is time to check everything listed above out.  If still you need a recommendation, check out this excellent Dentist in West Harwich now.