What is a Pod Hotel, and Why Should You Book it for Your Next Vacation?

New York is a global travel destination and on the bucket list of many. The city generated about $80.3 billion in travel revenue alone and is set for a rebound after the COVID slump. Find out more here to know which hotels are best for vacations.

Looking for budget accommodations and still wanting to be in the heart of the city may seem impossible. However, staying at economical hotels such as  Pod Times Square can offer an experience like no other. With inoculation in full swing, the city is open for visitors, local and foreign. Here’s all you need to know about a Pod hotel and why to book one on your next vacation to NYC.

What Is A Pod Hotel?

Inspired by the Japanese concept of Capsule Hotels, a Pod hotel has compact rooms with bunk beds that take less space and therefore cost less. The bed takes up most of the area and has an attached shower stall. The rooms range from 11 to 13 meters and offer comfort and economy simultaneously. These pods were designed for business and budget travelers.

The primary principle is to minimize waste and maximize space. Functionality takes precedence over stuffy furniture: bunk beds, a strategically placed TV, intelligent storage spaces, and compact showers. The idea is to reduce overhead costs, and the savings are passed on to the customer. It eliminates the unnecessary coffee maker or minibar you have to pay for in a traditional room.

Why Book A Pod Hotel For Your Next Vacation?

Best Sleepover Ever

There are many reasons to book a Pod hotel or luxurious Costa Rica Villas for your next vacation. Every night you spend in the hotel reminds you of the sleepovers with friends. Each bed has a personal TV affording you privacy when you want. Each bed also features charging options for all your devices so that you and your gadgets are powered up by sunrise.

Multiple Bed Options

The room is only 12 square meters and has a flat-screen TV. Full pods are great for couples as they have a double bed. 

A Queen pod is what you want to book when you want a larger bed. It gives you cozy comfort as you relax and unwind after a day of exploring Times Square. The glass-encased bathroom is its best feature, with a rainfall shower for a refreshing experience.

Fully Equipped

A low budget does not always mean compromise. The Pod Times Square offers free Wi-Fi, including a restaurant and bar, elevators, parking, and concierge services. The most attractive feature is that it is a mere 0.6 km from Times Square, making it great for those visiting New York for the first time.

If you are looking for a unique experience while visiting New York, Pod hotels are where you need to stay. You will find some unique and budget-friendly pod hotels on websites like AmericanOtels. 

These hotels offer all the modern-day amenities at great prices. They make excellent accommodation where you spend less on hotels and more on an adventure. It removes the unnecessary clutter of a traditional hotel room and uses little space while giving maximum comfort. Hence, it is a must-try on your next vacation.