What is a Broadcast Spreader?

Gone are the days when applying fertilizer, seeds, or granular products on a lawn means manual work. With the ceaseless advancement of technology, many sophisticated agricultural tools have sprouted across the past years to help farmers and gardeners do their tasks more efficiently. 

One of these types of incredible machinery is the broadcast spreader. It is a vital tool that can help you ensure the even and accurate distribution of fertilizer, seeds, and other granular products over your lawn. That way, you prevent risks of under-application or over-application and instead achieve perfect results on your lawn. In this article, let’s know more about the broadcast spreader and how it can make your gardening life easier and smoother than ever.

What is a Broadcast Spreader?

A broadcast spreader is a gardening or farming tool that is utilized to spread, fling, or broadcast fertilizer, seed, ice melt, sand, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, and other products of the same granularity. It has a large hopper, where you place the granular products, and a horizontal spinning disk. Fins are attached to the latter to distribute the material.

As you move, the mechanism also forces the spinning disk to move. Thus, sending or releasing the items placed in the hopper around the ground in a uniform and even manner. The amount of product released varies on the rate of your walk and the setting you chose on the dial.

Product will be sent in all directions, except for the back, as the tool features a guard to protect your legs during the activity. Summing it all up, broadcast spreaders work excellently if you have a large lawn as it ensures better coverage while helping you complete the task as efficiently and quickly as possible.

How to Use A Broadcast Spreader

Step 1: Choose the appropriate type and right amount of fertilizer or seed.

Specific types of granular items work particular types of spread. Broadcast spreaders work excellent on uniform-sized and even-surfaced products. Ensure that the fertilizer, seed, or other materials you’ll be choosing are smooth, of the same sizes, and quick-release to achieve seamless usage and application. Afterward, measure the area you need to cover and load the right amount of granular items to the hopper.

Step 2: Position the broadcast spreader.

Once your spreader has been loaded, it’s time to place the tool in the correct place. It’s easier if you have a rectangular or square lawn as you can simply start one of the corners. If you have a circular area, you may begin at the perimeter point.

Step 3: Check the setting and start moving.

Before moving, look at the lever or rate dial of your broadcast spreader. You may choose from 1 to 10, depending on your desired distribution or application. Once set, you can start moving by following imaginary lines. You can even put marks as your guides. Just be sure that your application rate and speed are constant as you move over the entire lawn. That way, you can be assured that you will cover the whole area and spread the material evenly.

Step 4: Water your lawn and clean your spreader.

After spreading the product, water your lawn using a hose or sprinkler to dilute the fertilizer and make it more consumable for your garden. It’s also essential that you clean the spreader, especially if you’re using it for various items. Make sure that no residues are left, be it from seeds to fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, or herbicides, as you don’t want these products to get mixed up on your next use.

Benefits of Using a Broadcast Spreader

Using broadcast spreaders can provide various benefits for you and your lawn. It can help you spread products that may be hard to distribute by hand while decreasing the labor needed. As granular products are distributed evenly, it prevents poor seeding and fertilization, which means your crops achieve consistent optimum growth.

When it comes to other spreaders, broadcast spreaders are also relatively cheaper, making them great investments for your lawn. Lastly, it ensures the easier and quicker accomplishment of tasks and maintenance  – all you are bound to have is a happier, easier, and smoother gardening life!