What Do You Need in a Perfect Harness for Smaller Dogs?

Whether you want to keep your small dog safe during walks or train it to walk beside you, a harness can make a big difference. Collars and leashes can exert strain on your dog’s neck. On the other hand, a harness, like a voyager harness, gives you more control over your dog and also prevents injuries like hacking or choking.

If you have never used a harness, you may not know much about them. Here is a complete guide that tells you everything you need in a perfect harness for smaller dogs.

Multiple Levels of Security

A dog harness should offer different levels of security to prevent the dog from escaping and reduce its tendency to pull the leash during walks. The Voyager harness offers three levels of security such as Velcro, clip, and D-ring.

  • The Velcro option gives you more flexibility to adjust the harness to your small dog measurements.
  • The clip option allows you to attach the leash to the ring quickly.
  • The D-ring in the harness is multi-purpose. You can use it to shorten the leash, use it as a slip lead or even clip your keychain to it.

Reflective Striping

Small dogs have an unusual habit of running through your legs when you take them for a night walk. A reflective striping improves night visibility and allows others to see your dog even in the pitch dark. The reflective striping also alerts car drivers when you are walking your small dog at night, reducing the chances of accidents.

Easy to Put On and Take Off

Every time you take your small pooch for a walk, you need to put the harness on its body. If the harness is hard to put on, you will face difficulties putting it on your dog’s body and adjusting it. Some dogs get excited when they sense you are going to take them for a walk, making it even more difficult for you to get in on properly.

If the harness is easy to put and take off, you can put it on the dog’s body without anyone’s help. You need to look for a harness that’s easy-put and take-off, so as to avoid wasting too much time.

Suitable for Training

Training is important for small dogs. A harness plays a crucial role in dog training. The harness you choose should be suitable for training. For example, it should have features like a breathable air mesh, comfortable shape, and webbing tape.

During training, the dog will be wearing the harness for extended periods. A breathable air mesh will keep your dog comfortable and relaxed all day long. A comfortable shape ensures the harness does not hinder your dog’s movements, thus making it suitable for use for extended periods.

When you train your dog in an open space, it is bound to get excited by external stimuli and smells. The webbing tape connects to the D-ring clip and gives you more control over the dog.

The width of the webbing tape allows you to hold the dog comfortably, even for extended hours. It is also designed to ensure there is no strain on your dog’s neck even when it tugs at the leash, so you don’t have to worry about hurting your dog.