What are the Advantages of E-Go Bikes?

There used to be only a few electric bike brands on the market. Now, there are a lot more than ever before. This is a great thing if you are looking to buy an e-bike. It means that you have plenty of options and each brand will offer something different.

If you do not know a lot about the electric bike market, you may be open to exploring your options. For example, one brand that we would recommend is E-Go Bikes. They offer some cool features and models that you are going to love. So, let’s take a look at some of the advantages you can enjoy with E-Go Bikes.

A Range of Foldable Models

Are you looking for a foldable electric bike? This is something that can be difficult to find. Yes, there are plenty of them on the market. But, they are not all of the same quality. In fact, it can be tricky to find a substantial electric bike that also has a folding design. Often, there are certain weight limits and they are not sturdy models. So, they do not fill you with a lot of confidence.

But, this is one of the reasons why E-Go Bikes is so popular. It is a brand that specialises in foldable models, with a variety of different styles available. This includes models that have different weight limits, battery sizes and ranges to suit every type of rider. Check them out at https://ecobikecompany.com/collections/e-go-bikes. There is something for everyone, as well as a model to suit everyone’s budget. So, take a look and see if this brand offers something for you.

All Road Legal

There is often confusion on whether you can ride an electric bike on the roads in the UK. The answer is yes, as long as the model follows the rules. For example, the top speed should be 26 km/h and there is a certain limit for the battery, which is 250 watts. If there is anything above this, you are not able to ride the electric bike on the road.

You can enjoy peace of mind with E-Go Bikes. This is a brand that makes sure that all of its models are road legal. You will not have to have a licence in order to ride this bike on the road and you can know that you are not going to get into any trouble. They are all capable of being used on the road without the need to inform the DVLA.

One of the Lightest on the Market

Of course, if you are looking for a foldable electric bike, you want a design that you can bring with you everywhere. You might be going camping for the weekend and want to pack the bike in the boot of the car. Alternatively, you may be travelling on public transport and wish to hold onto your bike at the same time. So, you are going to be looking for models that are lightweight and easy to carry around.

Introducing E-Go Bikes. Their bikes are some of the lightest models you are going to find on the market today. Again, this does not compromise the design of the electric bikes, which means that you get quality in a small and lightweight package. This makes this type of electric bike a practical addition for your travels. For example, the Lite model is only 15 kg while the Max+ is still only 25 kg.

Variety of Ranges to Choose From

Something that you always want to consider when you are buying an electric bike is the range. In other words, this is the distance that the bike is able to travel before you have to charge it again. Indeed, if you are planning on using your bike a lot and going far distances, you will want a good range on it. Alternatively, if you are going to be commuting, you can keep your price down by choosing a shorter range.

What we like about E-Go Bikes is that they offer a variety of ranges. This makes sure that there is something for everyone and to suit everyone’s needs and budget. For example, some of their models have a range of up to 50 km. Then, this goes up to 100 km on more expensive models. So, you can consider what type of distances you are going to travel, as well as what your budget is going to be when it comes to an electric bike. E-Go Bikes has something you will like.