Water saving mechanism

Would you like to save water? Do not miss this work on installing a water saving mechanism . we suggest placing an innovative appliance, allowing us to save water and energy without altering the plumbing of our house. A simple, fast and clean job. This device does not require any work . Simply connect it to both water intakes as tap hoses and plugged it into a power outlet. It has a power cord with a length of two meters and can be wall-mounted either vertically or horizontally.

water saving

Step by step to install a water-saving mechanism

Step 1
Begin the work mounting the sink cabinet , as it indicates the manufacturer. First, we join the pieces together with guillotines and then reinforced by means of screws fasteners.

Step 2
The next step is to apply a bead of silicone , quality, on top of the cabinet, with the help of a gun. This product, in addition to fixing the sink in the cabinet, perfectly sealed the union.

Step 3
Once you have given the product, place the sink in the cabinet , pressing to adhere properly.

Step 4
also installed the faucet with hose , assemble the siphon and put both the drain and the trap in place.

Step 5
Now we’re going with the appliance saving water and energy. First, we connect to hydrants …

Step 6
… and then, We screw the hose from the tap to the appliance.

Step 7
Once we have plugged the device into an outlet, open the taps and check that the installation works properly.

Step 8
This device creates a circuit using piping hot and cold water reintroducing water would finish in the drain back into the boiler. The recirculated water temperature increases between. Warm water, but that is not yet hot enough, remains within the circuit instead of going down the drain. Thus, the additional heat input at the input of the boiler water helps to achieve the optimum temperature before .

Step 9
From now, thanks to this appliance saving water and energy , we will stop wasting water in our house. In addition, this device has a temperature sensor that will prevent pipes from freezing house.