Want to Hire A Plumber? Here are 7 Tips to Make a Sound Decision

Chances are great you will have plumbing issues in your home. For your faulty pipes, overflowing cisterns, and noisy water closets, you will need to hire a plumber someday.

But how do you hire a professional? That’s what this checklist will help you do. Let’s go through the list one after the other:

1. Ask for Licenses and Credentials

Credentials and licenses show that a pipeman has satisfied some government or ruling body requirements. Know that these are the signs of professionalism.

They also show that a contractor is well trained to handle plumbing problems. Don’t feel shy to ask about his  plumbing license. Check for the validations like expiry date. You may also want to find out if it’s original from the issuing body to be sure of the reliability of the professional.

2. Experience Matters

Look at the years of experience a pipeman has. A little research  can go a long way in making a trusted decision. You can ask directly or request proof. Consider hiring a handyman that has worked for people you know and are satisfied.

Open referrals work fine for most people. Reach out to your friends, family members, or neighbors to refer someone to you. They’d surely recommend the best.

3. Communication Is Key

A good pipe fitter must be a sound listener and observer. He should listen to your complaints and discuss them with you as the work goes.

If he only talks about the solution of the problems without checking it out, take that as a red flag. Overconfident people who talk much and act less are usually turn-offs. With them, there is a high possibility that you will be disappointed.

4. Go with An Insured Plumber

Does your to-be plumbing contractor have any insurance scheme or policy for unexpected damages? Trusting someone with your home requires you to make sure the plumber has what it takes to pay in case of unnecessary damages. Also, confirm if a plumber has an insurance benefit that covers injury at work.

5. Know The Contract

An agreement containing your signatures will do a lot if there are complications after your project or when the plumbing team goes against laid rules.

6. Talk About Payment

Make sure you compare charges, labor usage, and time range to finish the work before hiring the expert for your home. Also, ensure that this matches your budget and schedule.

Decide on the mode of payment; Upfront, or other payment modes to what both parties have agreed upon. Whatever payment option you conclude on, make use there’s always a receipt.

7. Check Reviews

Take your time to go through online reviews of the plumbing company or page if it is an individual. Most plumbers have social media pages where you can find social proof. Check for the rating and reviews dropped by previous customers, so that you’re sure of their experience and skills.

Satisfied customers will not hesitate to share their experience. Thereby, always go with a plumbing service provider with high positive reviews.

8. Meet in Person

You can know a good pipeman by words. Organize a little interview about the problem you want to solve. It’s a great way to know a plumber who understands customers and their behaviors. Hire someone whose attention you can easily draw to something.


There you have it- factors you need to consider before choosing someone for your plumbing needs. Other factors like the availability of equipment and physical appearance are also worth consideration. But the aforementioned ones are the foundations to put in place. Once you get those right, every other factor is most likely to fall in place.