Bedroom Furniture

Wall ideas for bedroom

An appropriate color for the wall ideas for bedroom help in the direction of energy flow, creates a sense of well-being and promotes restful sleep. The muted tones and soothing are the best for a bedroom and based on a color that you like will increase the soothing effect.

Blue Tones
Light to medium shades of blue, such as lavender, are especially soothing options to the walls of the bedroom . Light blue can lower blood pressure, but a completely blue room should be accented with earth tones for balance. The built-in tones restraint in decoration adds a touch of luxury to the space, while the silver and gold accents off both blues and purples.

Wall ideas for bedroom

The yellow hues
The yellow and cream are both relaxing, pastel yellows and creams provide any shade backdrop of complementary accessories. Yellow is synonymous with sun, light yellow walls do double duty by helping to relax at night and happy and ready to go in the morning to wake you. The yellow walls can be combined with light and medium green, lavender and blue and also work with neutral browns and toast.

Earth Tones
The brown and earth tones bring outdoors in your bedroom to create a natural and relaxing atmosphere. Neutral colors allow you to change your bedroom decor with the seasons. Far from normal, neutral may be exacerbated by the addition of accessories and bedding in complementary shades. Green is another earth tone with soothing properties similar to light blue. Botanists tones work best, bright or neon tones can dominate the rest of the room and away from direct energy relaxation.

Colors to Avoid
The dark blues tend to be calming rather depressing and dark purple can seem cold and inhibit relaxation. Very bright shades of neon or any other color can excite instead of relaxing when used in a bedroom . A touch of red can balance a room, but should be used sparingly or it can be overwhelming and claustrophobic. The bright shades of yellow and orange are energizing rather than soothe and should be used in the kitchen or game room instead of the room.