Urostomy: Most Asked questions

If your urostomy surgical procedure is underway and you want to have a sneak peek into the event after, you are in the right place. While you may want to grab yours from some of the best urostomy belts for sale here, down below I have discussed some of the most important topics around urostomy. Drill in.

First thing first, a quick definition of what urostomy is.

What Is Urostomy?

Simply put, urostomy is a surgical procedure that encompasses the diversification of the urinary system away from the urinary bladder unto a stoma. The need for a urostomy arises for victims of bladder cancer or similar urinary problems. At the end of the procedure, an opening is either crated on your outer body to perform the function of getting rid of urine from the internal body. Or, as an option, a part of your intestine is cut to design a bladder-like system to take the place of the prior ineffective bladder.

What Does It Feel Like?

The process is not as risky and painful as most people paint it. The only thing you may rather dislike about the procedure, however, is its inpatient nature. You’ll have to wait for close to 4 or 6 weeks after the procedure before getting discharged. And bout the process, once your blood test is taken, your chest x-ray is done, an EKG (Electrocardiogram) test is carried out, and you’ve been fully educated about everything that encircles urostomy by your surgeon, the right spot for a stoma will be located before the stoma placement process. The procedure alone takes an average of 3 to 5 hours but you’ll be given a general anesthesia that will make you sleep throughout the surgery. After the 4-6 days post-surgery, you’re discharged with a complete lesson on your post-surgery stage for faster and safer recovery.

Is A Urostomy Permanent? Can You Still Urinate With A Urostomy?

You’ll be able to urinate though unlike the regular way. The bodily fluid, urine most especially, will be passed out of the body through the stoma and down to the pouching system connected. It is inside this pouching system that the urine is collected. But, is a urostomy permanent? Well, typically, Urostomy is a permanent procedure that can’t be reversed. But who knows what the future holds anyway? While you might want to check out more here ostomy wraps by Stealth Belt.

Types Of Urostomy

Basically, there are two types of urostomy as highlighted below.

  • Conventional Urostomy; in this procedure, a small piece of the intestine is removed which is then used to connect the urethra with the outer body. This way, urine passes through this new artificial passage, then through the created stoma, and finally into a pouch which is frequently disposed of.
  • Continent Urostomy; this is an advanced conventional urostomy which is a rather expensive one but the best. Instead of an external pouching system, the surgeon creates a pouch right at the stoma to hold urine. This pouch features two valves; one for the outflow of urine and the other for draining the pouch through a catheter.