Top 48 Home Schooling Resources on the Internet

Homeschooling is the education of children at home and is usually conducted by a parent or a tutor. Some parents choose to homeschool over a traditional school for a variety of reasons such as dissatisfaction with the educational options available, different religious beliefs or educational philosophies, and the belief that their children aren’t progressing within the traditional school structure. According to the National Home Education Research Institute, there are now about two million children being homeschooled in the U.S., and its percentage increases by 7 percent to 15 percent every year. Some families believe homeschooling can also allow students to get a quality education at a reasonable price while keeping the parents involved directly.

If you’ve made the decision to school your children at home, or if you’re considering it as an option, you can find lots of homeschooling resources online such as blogs and learning tools which may help you gain ideas on how to start with homeschooling, and how your children will get the best possible education. To help you, here are 50 of the best resources we’ve found which can give you tips and advice about homeschooling.

Home Schooling Resources on the Internet

1. Why Homeschool?
: This blog tackles the benefits of homeschooling. It also includes some posts about homeschooling issues, socializing your children, educational resources, and more.

2. Homeschool2College
: This blog aims to help homeschooled students in choosing a college, gaining admission, as well as finding financial aid and scholarships which may help with the high costs of education.

3. Notes from a Homeschooling Mom
: This blog shares lots of resources that may help you learn and understand how homeschooling works.

4. Our Homeschool Journey
: This blog is owned by a mom named Misty. Here is where she shares her adventures in homeschooling, as well as her experiences in raising her five children.

5. Home Where They Belong
: This blog contains news in the homeschooling world, as well as how politics can affect homeschool decisions.

6. The Home School Mom
: This blog contains a collection of homeschooling resources. Parents can read in this blog some tips on how to be organized, how to find freebies, help, and resources.

7. 01 Charger
: This blog is owned by a 14-year-old girl who is being homeschooled by her mom. She shares her homeschooling experiences here which might be helpful to your children as well.

8. Dewey’s Treehouse
: This blog is run by a Canadian family. They blog about their adventures and the discoveries they make while homeschooling their children.

9. Eclectic Education
: Mom Lynn uses this blog to share her experiences in homeschooling her two sons. It also contains links to educational resources that might benefit your kids.

10. Preschoolers and Peace
: This blog is a mom of seven who homeschooled all her children. Her experiences might give you inspiration for homeschooling.

11. The Common Room
: This blog is written by a family of nine. Posted here are their stories and experiences learning together. It also includes links to other homeschooling resources.

12. A Family Runs Through It
: This blog is owned by a stay-at-home dad who homeschools his children while keeping up with the chores and life in North Idaho.

13. Fast Times at Homeschool High
: This blog contains a different perspective on homeschooling. It is owned by a mother of 6 children who are all homeschooled.

14. Mental Multivitamin
: This blog is written by a homeschooling mom. You can read here about the lessons her kids are learning, and some of the education she’s receiving as well.

15. My Smoky Mountain Homeschool
: You can read in this blog the experiences of a mother who homeschools her three children in the smoky mountains. She also gives some recommendations on projects and subjects to teach your children.

16. Effervescence
: A mom who’s also a blogger owns this site. She shares some of her experiences in homeschooling her two sons in this blog.

17. Alexander’s Maitresse
: This blog is owned by a New York-based mother who homeschools her son in a classical way. You might find inspiration here about trying a different education method.

18. Life in Washington
: This blog features the adventures of a family in their homeschooling. It also includes the struggles and triumphs of a mother in schooling her children.

19. Kitchen Table Learners
: You can find in this blog lots of educational resources which may help you start or improve your homeschooling experience.

: This blog contains recommendations for reading materials and topic ideas your kids can study at home.

21. School at Home
: A homeschooling family in Minnesota shares in this blog education news, lesson plans, reading lists, resources, and a lot more information that may help you with homeschooling.

22. Home School Home
: This is an informative blog where a work-at-home mom shares her thoughts and ideas about homeschooling.

23. Home School Math
: This blog contains new ways and resources on how you can teach Math to your kids.

24. Bubba’s House O’ Fine Learnin’
: A mom who homeschools her four daughters shares in this blog her adventures and experiences in raising and educating them.

25. Learning and Fun Online for Kids
: This blog contains games, links, and other resources which can make learning more fun for your homeschooled kids.

26. Simple Homeschool
: There are nine contributors to this blog and they all write encouraging posts for those who are considering homeschooling. They also give advice and curriculum reviews as well.

27. Special Needs Homeschooling
: This blog is for the parents who have children with disabilities. It is owned by a mother of five children with special needs. She writes her experiences on homeschooling them.

28. The Homeschool Classroom
: This is a collaborative blog which features fifteen separate contributors. The highlight of their posts includes parenting ideas, child development, organization, planning, and other homeschooling interests.

29. Confessions of a Homeschooler
: This is where a homeschool mom named Erica records her educational journey in teaching four children at home.

30. The Magic Onions
: This blog is owned by a mom named Donni. This is where she shares her experiences in homeschooling two kids.

31. Spunky Homeschool: This is a blog by a mother of 6. It contains some commentary and educational news about teaching children at home.

32. HomeSchool Buzz
: This blog has lots of educational games for your kids. It also features different success stories on homeschooling.

33. Buehler Education
: This blog is focused on homeschooling advocacy, education, support, and encouragement. It also tears down false advertisements about homeschooling.

34. Living Montessori Now
: This blog is owned by a Montessori educator who homeschooled her kids. She shares how it worked for her children and how they got good grades in college and became successful adults.

35. Unique Family Vision
: This blog is created to assist you with homeschooling from start to finish. It also features tools that may also help with your homeschooling adventures.

36. 1+1+1=1: This homeschooling blog is full of printable posts, as well as free resources that might be helpful for your homeschooling adventure.

37. Homeschool Creations: This blog contains curriculum resources and helpful tips for families considering homeschooling.

38. Free Homeschool Deals: This site contains free homeschool curriculums, deals, worksheets, and lots of other resources.

39. Hip Homeschool Moms
: This website features curriculum reviews and other information which homeschool moms deal with.

40. Life of a Homeschool Mom
: This blog gives advice on balancing, motherhood, homemaking, and home education.

41. Only Passionate Curiosity
: This blog contains unit studies, book lists, lesson plans, and other homeschool support.

42. Organized Homeschool
: This blog might help you organize your homeschool life through different resources.

43. The Homeschool Scientist: This site contains ideas and resources about science activities and projects which you can teach your homeschooled kids.

44. Raising Lifelong Learners
: If you have smart and crazy-energetic children, this blog might help you raise and teach them. It contains resources for gifted children and hands-on learners.

45. The Unlikely Homeschool
: This blog is faith-based and it’s full of ideas that’ll motivate and inspire busy homeschooling moms.

46. Sprittibee
: This blog features the life of a homeschool mom of four.

47. Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers
: This blog contains lots of resources and inspiration about homeschooling high schoolers, and they are written with a sense of humor.

48. Blog, She Wrote: This blog is created by Heather Woodie to share other families the things they do in homeschool. This is her way of encouraging homeschooling families to embrace the non-conventional way of educating children.

We hope these resources will help motivate, inspire, and give ideas which you may use once you’ve decided to homeschool your children.