Home Remodeling

Tips for more sustainable homes

Caring for the environment is increasingly important to preserve our planet and its resources day. But if we apply this to our home, we also take care of our health and our savings. Here are a few Tips for more sustainable homes :

Water, just enough:

1. Install aerators, diffusers or flow restrictions on faucets and put a device dual flush toilet cistern: You can save between 30 and 50% water.
2. Close the tap while soaping, shaving or washing dishes.
3. Quickly Fix leaky faucets.

sustainable homes

Save electricity: neither dark nor dazzled:

1. Commitment to renewable energies: installing solar panels or a solar boiler assumes an initial investment but long-term savings.
2. Use natural light and painting the walls in light colors: give much greater sense of luminosity.
3. It uses LED or low consumption bulbs.
4. Install motion sensors or dimmers to save and create environments.

Air Conditioning: Comfortable but not abused:

1. Put heating to about 20-21º day and lower it to 16-17º at night, it can be a significant savings. For air conditioning, an optimum temperature is about 25 °.
2. Programmables to turn on only when you’re at home.
3. Check the insulation in your home and put weather stripping on windows and, if necessary, double glazing.
4. Vent half hour a day: renews the air and helps freshen the air in summer.

Class Appliances

1. If you’re going to change them, choose them having green energy A or A ++ rating.
2. Do not leave them on standby or put the washing machine or dishwasher if they are not filled or unused savings programs or half load.

For you and for home: green products:

Opting for organic food, natural fabrics such as wool, cotton or linen, decorated with materials like wood or bamboo and use cleaning products, personal care and even free of toxic paint walls.

Separate, recycles and reuses:

Separate waste (cardboard, glass, plastic and organic) and recycle and reuse everything you can. Save and you can give free rein to your creativity.