Tips for Decorating on a Budget

Want to give your home a new look but don’t have a lot of money to spare? Don’t worry, choosing to decorate doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Sometimes even the simplest solutions create the greatest impact. All you need is to be creative and resourceful. Here are some budget-friendly tips to help you with decorating your interior:

1. Try rearranging your furniture.

Tired of how things look in your house? Rethink your arrangements and rearrange your furniture. Sometimes, moving a few pieces around will do. By just changing positions of your furnishings and décor, you can create a whole new look with zero cost! Unleash the inner interior designer in you. It takes out-of-the-box creative thinking and some dedication, but it will all be worth it. Try swapping coffee tables from your family room and living room. Try rearranging the hangings on your gallery wall. Try switching accent chairs from your bedrooms and lounge areas, then rotate your main couch to the other side. A visiting friend or family will surely notice, and it would look like you went furniture shopping at first, but you just changed and switched their places.

2. Repurpose your furniture.

Instead of thinking of a cheap replacement for your furniture, think about how you can make the stuff in your house look new. Yes, repurposing your existing furniture is not as exciting as getting a brand new piece from the furniture store, but there are truly a lot of ways to totally transform almost any piece. Do you really need new dining chairs, or would it be just as nice if you would repaint and add cushions on them? Do you really need to buy a new TV console, or is it possible that you have an old dresser that can do that job? Do you really need to replace that old-looking table, or would it look nice if you would just give it a new coat of paint? If you need help on a specific furniture problem, chances are you will be able to find a DIY solution with a guide to fix it. If you would only allow time for repurposing, you will surely save big bucks.

Make the most out of anything you have. If there is anything broken, check if repairing or replacing a spare part will do. Ask a handy friend, relative or family member to help you. In this way, you can save your money for the more important purchases later on.

3. Perk up your walls with fresh paint.

Paint is cheap, as compared to other interior design elements like decorations and furniture. Adding a new dash of color is an easy and inexpensive way to redecorate your home. Make a statement by creating a feature wall with a bold, intense color or pattern for a high-end look. Or go for a two-tone scheme like stripes or a half and half. Changing the color of the walls will surely make a striking new look. Just go with the color or colors you love. Integrate them in your décor with new throw pillows or lamps, which also costs less than other decorations.

4. Don’t ignore your ceilings and floors.

4. Don’t ignore your ceilings and floors.

When talking about revamping colors, the walls are the first thing that comes to mind. But how about the ceilings and floors? They deserve attention, too. The ceiling is your “fifth wall,” so paint it as well. Most people have a default white ceiling, but you can choose a hue that will blend with your walls. Or perhaps you may add beams or install a unique, DIY light fixture or ceiling accessory that will catch attention.

Also, think of your floors. Just like the walls and ceilings, they need attention, too. If you have wooden floors, consider staining or sanding them. For a quick fix, add or replace an area rug. Making the floors pretty can make your walls look better as well.

5. Create storage yourself.

What’s good about redecorating if your place is full of clutter? No matter how pretty your walls look or how clever your repurposing project is, if you cannot get your things out of sight, then your decorating efforts are of no use. Make room for more storage by taking advantage of the space underneath your bed or by building a shelf, a desk or a closet door. If you are a handy woman (or if you have a handy family member), free at least one day of your weekend to create your own woodworks.

6. Change your lighting.

Lighting can transform the mood of any room at very little cost. Try buying a fresh shade for your old lamp, or try to spray paint it to give it a new look. Change the color of your lights, for instance, pick a yellow light instead of a white light in a hallway. Get a dimmer for your bedroom lights to set the mood for romance. Try some hanging cylinder pendants or new matching lamps. Or perhaps get new matching lamps for your bedside tables, and see how it can transform your bedroom style. Light up some candles (real or flameless LED) on your dining table for a warm and intimate vibe.

7. Hang a gallery of photos.

Can’t afford a couple of paintings? Get your photo albums, choose your best shots and put them in identical frames. Making a gallery wall out of your existing photos or postcards is a fun budget-friendly decorating idea. Your regular sized photos or postcards might seem small as compared to a wall, but if you frame them and group them together, they can work as a large piece of art.

8. Showcase your collection.

If you already have a collection of things, why not showcase them in your home?  Instead of placing them in random places around your house, gather them in your tabletops or walls. When your fireplace is not in use, make it a display center of plants, vases or other decorative items you already have in your home. Gather similar pieces with the same colors or themes, in a variety of shapes and heights.

9. Build your own headboard and change pillows.

For an instant update for the bedroom, create your own headboard, especially if your bed lacks one. There are a lot of DIY ways to build one. Plus, your personal touch will make it extra special and one of a kind. This can also help integrate your existing bed linens to your bedroom decoration.

Also, changing your pillows is a cheap way to upgrade, not only in the bedroom but also for spaces with couches. Take inspiration from your existing accents, decors and wall paint, so you may pick pillows that will establish your decoration.

10. Use natural elements.

Rather than heading to the store, go straight to nature. Simple greeneries might look boring and usual outdoors, but it can create a striking effect indoors. Try a simple fern or palm leaf and place it in a giant vase. It’s simple, but it makes a modern look. Making your own vertical garden or an herb garden inside will surely bring life inside.