Thinking About A Dog? It Could Be Good For Your Health

Getting a dog is a big decision to make. There’s the old saying that a dog is for life and not just for Christmas. And it’s incredibly true, but if you’re thinking about getting one, then it could be the best decision you ever make, not just for taking care of a life, but also for your own health.

Dogs are really good for improving health and can aid in a number of conditions and even help in addiction recovery. More and more people are struggling on that front, with more people suffering with alcohol addiction than ever before.

Then there’s the likes of anxiety, depression, and even things like lowering blood pressure and cholesterol they can help with.

In fact, there are dozens of reasons as to why a dog could be good for your health, with the following among the most common…

Increases Physical Fitness

Of course, if you’ve got a dog you’re going to have to put the miles in on foot as they certainly need their fair share of exercise.

Some dogs need a good few miles per day walking and that has a knock on effect on you too. You’ll see your physical condition begin to improve, while the exercise can also help lower cholesterol and blood pressure, while also building muscle.

Lower stress and anxiety

Pets in general are great for reducing stress and anxiety. It’s been scientifically proven that playing or comforting a pet can increase levels of serotonin and dopamine, which will in turn make you calmer and more relaxed.

In fact, there’s such a thing as pet therapy these days which uses communication and interaction with dogs and other pets to help recover from the likes of addiction, depression and other mental health illnesses.

Improves discipline and responsibility

Alongside this, having a pet encourages responsibility and discipline, as well as encouraging routine which are all important for improving mental health and while in recovery from the likes of addiction.

Because you have another mouth to feed and another life to look after, concentration and focus will remain on your dog’s welfare alongside your own and therefore help your mind stay clear and away from any negative thoughts or cravings that may put you back on the wrong path.

Ultimately, they’ll become your companion and you’ll need them as much as they need you. It’s a match made in heaven.