Things That You Need to Know About Flush Steel Acoustical Access Door

Commercial construction projects often install numerous things to protect and function the whole commercial building. Construction projects like these need a product that can provide many features and benefits to save important stuff like budgeting, purchasing, and installing. One of those products is the flush steel acoustical access door that caters to your many needs!      

The flush steel acoustical access door, like the BA-ACF-2064 Flush Steel Acoustical Access Door, is an access door variant with many capacities worth knowing. To help you with your purchase, here’s a list of the things the notable things you must know about this product:      

Notable Thing #1: It Provides a Clean and Seamless Finish       

An access door’s beauty and usefulness will show once installed, and this flushed acoustical access door is not short of aesthetics. This product provides a flushed finish that will not interfere with your interior design, as its aesthetic is that it blends with its surroundings as if it were a part of the wall or ceiling. Do not worry about repainting the installed wall; you can paint over its panel to match the surrounding wall!   

Notable Thing #2: It’s Airtight and Gives Proper Insulation     

Flushed steel acoustical access doors also come with 2″ mineral wool 1/8″ thick neoprene gasketing, providing superior insulation, preventing heated or cooled air from leaking outside, and ensuring energy efficiency. Proper insulation is necessary for your commercial space to help make the indoor space more comfortable, improve employee wellness, and help reduce energy and HVAC costs.      

Notable Thing #3: It is a Durable and Long-Lasting Product      

If your construction project needs solid and long-lasting products, the flushed steel acoustical access door is the product for you. Steel is known for its highly durable structure, and its continuous piano hinge provides reliable resistance, allowing resistance to damaging elements such as wear and tear and corrosion. Finally, it can also withstand mold, making indoor air safe. No need to worry about costly and unexpected replacement services!     

Notable Thing #4: It has Soundproofing capabilities      

Busy commercial buildings need their peace, and installing this product is perfect as it gives the gift of soundproofing. The flush steel acoustical access door provides a solution to your application needs of Sound Transmission Class and Outdoor-Indoor Class that mitigates sound transmission between the rooms of your commercial building.     

The steel material helps with the soundproofing ability of this product with its ability to reflect sound, stopping the sound from traveling to the next room. The flush steel acoustical access door is recommended to pair with your acoustic walls and ceilings to maintain STC Rating (Sound Transmission Class) or the OITC Rating (Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class).    

Notable Thing #5: It’s generally an excellent access door    

With its multiple features mentioned above, this product still possesses the great qualities of an access door, making it a great product with its features and benefits. This product provides the best accessibility as operating is no hassle, especially with its screwdriver cam latch.      

This access door is reliable for storing and securing your commercial building’s essential components, such as plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. These components are correctly stored and fully protected with perfect dimensions and durable and long-lasting steel material, eliminating the possibility of hazardous events such as slippery floors, power outages, and office fires.     

Final Thoughts   

Managing an office or commercial building is hard work. You must keep the occupants safe, ensure that all components are operational, and reduce costs – that’s why you should only install the best of the best. Flushed steel acoustical access doors are highly durable, rust-resistant, and energy efficient with soundproofing capabilities, making them a valuable addition to your space!