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How to measure where to put the ropes for curtains

Use ropes for curtains allows you to keep your curtains open to achieve an effect of design you want or allow light into the room. Typically the ropes for the curtains are made ​​of the same fabrics as your curtains or tassel rope. There are standard sizes for mooring lines for curtains you should consider when hanging. Finally, however, the exact measurements you should use will be subjective based on the overall look you’re trying to accomplish.


Measure the length of your curtains . The standard measure for curtains that reach the pis are 84 inches (210 centimeters) and standard mean the curtains.


ropes for curtains

Determines the type of ties to the curtains you want to use. The fabric ties are generally made ​​of the same material as your curtains . The design allows them to mingle with the curtains . The tassel rope moorings generally give your curtains a more elegant appearance.

Measure from the floor up. To the ropes for fabric curtains measures 39 inches (97.5 cm) from the floor in the curtains long and 45 inches (112.5 centimeters) for curtains short. For tassels string ties, measures 45 (112.5 centimeters) inches from the floor.

Use the pencil to make a mark in the appropriate action based on what type of tie and long curtain. Put a mark on each side of the window, at the same height.

Align the pencil mark vertically with the outermost ring of the curtain rod. Use tape measure to make sure that the pencil mark is aligned with the outer ring.

Use duct tape to temporarily hold the curtains in the marked level. Away from the window and make sure you have achieved the desired look for your ties to the curtains . Adjust the vertical height of the rope as needed. The move will give the desired look is subjective and can deviate from the suggested measures to achieve the style you want.