The Best Free Entertainment For Mums

Parents work hard to give their children a good life while also making a living and looking after the home. Mums work especially hard with all the responsibilities they have and deserve special praise during these tough times.

2020 has been a difficult year with Covid causing lockdowns, school closures and unemployment. During this period it has been hard to find ways to keep everyone entertained and for some, finances have become strained. After all the time spent making sure their loved ones are happy, mums need some entertainment too. Here are some ways that you, as a mum, can enjoy some much needed entertainment – and for free!

Is it really free?

Every form of entertainment or activity here is free although there are paid versions of some and there is an assumption that you have access to the internet . You don’t need to pay anything else to enjoy anything on this list. 100% Gratis.

TV & movie streaming services

There is now a range of streaming services available to you online. Giants such as Netflix, Amazon, UWatchfree and Disney have all launched or continue to roll out their own channels to be watched on smartphones, laptops and TVs. These companies all charge a premium for their services and rightly so. There are Hollywood blockbusters, world movies, arthouse films, TV shows and original content that all have to be paid for. However, every now and again these companies offer FREE trials.

By searching Google for which streaming services are running free trials you can try out anyone of them at some point. During the first lockdown Netflix was giving away a free months trial to anyone who wanted to try it out. That’s one full month of complete access for no cost. After a month you can cancel and start another month’s trial under a different email and debit or credit card – remembering to cancel before the card is charged at the end of the month.

Expanding your streaming service’s library

If you already have Netflix or another service on subscription you can expand the library of shows and movies by adding a VPN. Download a free VPN and connect to another country. If you are in the UK then tell the VPN to connect to the USA. Login to your Netflix account and voila, you now have the US Netflix.

This also works to let you use subscription services unavailable in your country. For instance HBO Max is not available in the UK. If they happened to be offering a free trial, then by using a VPN you could now have free HBO Max in your home.

Android and Apple iPhone games

The Google Play Store and Apple Store are full of apps and games. There are some very useful apps to help monitor your exercise, learn new languages and plan journeys. There are also thousands of games. Luckily many of these are free.

Nearly everyone has a smartphone these days so this form of entertainment is perfect. It is free and convenient. Just by accessing one of the App Stores and downloading a game you can have hours of entertainment at your fingertips. You can fill a few minutes with casual gaming or master a role playing game over time.

Online casinos

Obviously gambling costs money and there is a good chance you may lose but there are also free games you can play for fun and get mystery wins in the process. There are apps for your phone or full casino sites featuring blackjack, poker and slot machines. By using your phone or tablet you can access these games and become a card shark without risking any of your cash. Look for free to play games while you search for possible downloads or sites.

Alternatively you can search for ‘new player bonuses’ where the casino or betting site gives you an incentive to join. You may be able to gamble with their cash and win while enjoying your favourite casino games!

Music or videos online

YouTube has almost every song you can imagine, including ‘Imagine’. Play music while you relax or do household chores without paying anything. Assuming you have WiFi then there is no additional cost to playing videos on YouTube and there are plenty of old TV show clips and whole episodes to watch as well as your favourite songs.

Declutter your life

This probably sounds like another household chore but it can be very satisfying. Declutter your cupboards and the attic if you have one for things that aren’t being used or are unwanted. Then you can list these on eBay or a similar site and make some extra money. The home will be free of things you didn’t need and you will have a bit of extra cash. in your pocket. You could involve the whole family and turn the task into some fun.

Start an exercise routine

If you don’t have the time to get to the gym or the weather is not enticing you to go for a run then exercise at home. There are many apps to help you plan routines and monitor your progress. YouTube channels are available with personal instructors and classes for general fitness and other activities like Yoga. Search Yoga for beginners or how to get fit at home on YouTube to see your options.

Catch up with old friends

Everyone has good intentions of staying in touch or replying to messages. Busy, modern lives often get in the way of us keeping in touch with friends and family so set aside some time each week to catch up with everyone. Using Skype or FaceTime means you can video chat with your loved ones for free. If you prefer, you can use Messenger to keep to text based messages. Humans need social contact and chatting to friends and family is fun and rewarding.


There are many more ways you can entertain yourself or fill your limited free time with an activity. Learn a new language, read, paint or try cooking different cuisines from online instructions. Whether you want to play slot machines like ramses book or lay back on the sofa with a good movie on the TV there are plenty of ways to have fun for free.