Styling And Organizing The Kids’ Toilet

Once your kids reach the age of using their own bathroom, it means that you need to prepare and plan the proper toilet for your kids. 

The bathroom can be really messy if things are not organized properly. Once you step into the bathroom, you will witness scattered towels, items popping out of the drawers and chests, uncapped shampoo bottles, and lotions welcoming you. 

Thus, it is essential to give a handy and convenient way of managing and using the bathrooms. The toilet must be such that the kids will not find it hard to use the bathroom, and once they leave, it will be in perfect shape.

Here are a few ideas to have an impressive toilet setting for the kids.

Hanging storage 

Instead of standing storage devices, add the tiered hanging baskets to the bathroom. It is a perfect idea for a small bathroom shared by multiple kids at the same time. It occupies less space but can work wonders. 

Easy access shelves 

Wider, more open, and spacious shelves can work better to keep all the essentials properly in one place. We can change the number of shelves according to the number of users. In this way, each kid can have his own space that he can organize and keep tidy.

Independent sinks 

For a bathroom with enough space, bring a smile to your kids’ faces by adding separate sinks for each of them. You can either add them together in a row or in opposite spots.

Towel hangers 

Just like the rest of the accessories and equipment, get separate towel hangers for each user. Add them to the spots that are easy to access. Use wider towel bars, so it becomes easier to hang them for drying. 

Box for tub toys 

Most of the kids who have used the bathroom on their own still love to keep the tub toys along with them while in the bathroom. If they do not keep these toys safely, they can bother everyone entering the bathroom. 

To keep them safe, create a box to store the toys. We can choose the design according to the number of toys that you need to store. 

Step Stools 

If your kids are still not tall enough to reach the sink, don’t worry, there is a solution for that. Step stools are available in the market that can make things easier for the kids. All you need to do is just grab the stool that has a non-slip base. The stool must not be too light that it slips as the kids’ steps on it.

The interiors 

Check the choices of your kids. Find out their favorite colors. Discuss they have a theme in mind. Incorporate your ideas along with their interests. It will definitely help the kids fall in love with the space that is just meant for them. 


These are just a few ideas that you can incorporate to make the perfect bathroom for the kids. The kids in the home are special, and so each space associated with them has to be equally appealing. Kids have special needs that need to be handled carefully.