Storage Sydney 101 – How to Protect Your Goods

When you have goods and personal belongings that need to be stored and protected, there are many ways to go about it. Perhaps you’re needing to put your items into a facility or only have other options in Sydney to put your stuff into a friend or loved one’s garage. The downside to this is you don’t have access to these items when you want them, and therefore it’s best to actually put them in a storage unit. There are plenty of options available for this, but how do you protect certain things? In this guide we’ll give you some tips on how to protect your goods so they won’t get damaged if you have storage Sydney.

1. Glass and Fragile Goods

When it comes to things such as dishes, glasses, picture frames, and other items, you want to make sure these are safe at all times. Try wrapping all items in bubble wrap or paper. You can use newspaper or simply use butchers paper. Make sure to wrap each individual item and always place the less fragile or heavier items in the bottom of a box and pack the items on their sides or standing rather than inside one another. You should always mark these boxes as fragile and if the boxes aren’t heavier than others, try to put them by themselves or on top of heavier boxes or items in your unit to keep them safe.

2. Books Can Be Damaged By Air and Elements

While books are easy to pack into your boxes, they can get damaged easily by other items and even the elements. Try not to pack the item standing and lay them down to protect the spines and covers. You can also put them on the bottom of your box. If you must put them vertical, always try to put the spine down first.

3. Clothing

Clothing can be a pain when you’re trying to store it. Make sure they’re clean and your good ones are ironed before you put them into a storage unit. You may also want to put items in or around them such as moth balls in order to keep bugs and mice away from them. If you want to pack them, you can hang the precious items in bags on a hanger or neatly folded together in boxes. Another option that you can use for these for extra protection is plastic tubs, but make sure they’re sturdy ones.

4. Use Household Items for Extra Cushioning

Using blankets, towels, and other items can also help protect your items so they don’t get damaged. Stuff a comforter between a television screen and a box if there is a gap. The less gaps that are between items, especially with soft padding between them, the safer your goods are going to be.


This guide only offers a handful of tips, but hopefully, you can save many of your most prized possessions by using the tips provided here. Remember also to label everything, because it’s very important, and always store your goods inside of a trusted facility when you use a storage unit. Storage Plus in Sydney offers an excellent facility with numerous extra protection options in order to keep your goods safe for very affordable prices compared to some other competitors.