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How to build an enclosure for a shower with glass bricks

Among the ways to enhance the decor of a simple bathroom is to incorporate elegance glass infinite. Beyond mirrors and accessories glass shower an enclosure built with bricks of glass makes bold statements and dramatic space. Its transparency and brightness attractive environment reflects and radiates light. Installing a glass block wall around the shower streamlines your look and holds the water in the shower area without the need for a curtain. The advantage of using glass brick panels is that they are easier to install than the classical method brick by brick, and shortens the installation time significantly. The construction of the glass brick enclosure on the ledge of the shower.

shower with glass bricks



Design the shower enclosure

Measure the length of the cornice of the base of the shower and calculated how many bricks fit glass to that extent, leaving enough room for a comfortable opening or glass door.


Design the shape of the wall. Keep a rectangular design or planning a more played. Design options are many so you should determine one that best suits your bathroom shower.
Select the style and color of the glass blocks. There reinforced sections of glass bricks which allow installing wall parts instead of installing bricks simple.

Includes glass blocks with rounded edges to the end of the wall if you will not have a door. For a wall with a door glass, the shape of glass block standard is sufficient.

Install glass sealing bricks

The plaster mixture in a bucket with a mixer attached to an electric drill and the recommended amount of water. Blend until smooth and the consistency is like the cake.

Sand the top and edges of the shower with a hand sanding. This is only necessary if the base of the shower is vinyl, fiberglass or enameled cast iron. Shower bases do not require sanding concrete.

Apply about 1 inch (2.54 cm) of filter cake on the surface of the edge of the shower, covering only the location that the wall or walls of glass blocks will occupy. Use a trowel to make the plaster and place it on the edge along the center, away from the edges.

Place a glass brick panel on the plaster. Continues to install the first level of glass block panel around the base of the shower.

Installing anchors vinyl wall above the glass panels in three rows. Screw them to the adjacent wall.

Continue installing the panels of glass bricks and anchors that are attached to the wall until the wall is complete, being sure to verify that each step is level.

Place grout in the joints of the glass wall. Mixing the slurry with the recommended amount of water in the wall and apply a float glass rubber. Force the grout to enter into the spaces. Remove excess without digging at the seams, and clean the surface with a sponge only.