Secure Your Home with These Tips

Putting in place security measures is less fun than decorating your new house. Prioritizing home security is essential because burglaries occur every 30 seconds on average. Here are five basic home safety precautions realtors in Dallas, TX, advice you should take immediately to return to the fun stuff.

1. Install a safety system

Either a basic, do-it-yourself system or a high-tech, professionally monitored system with cutting-edge smart home features should be installed in your new home. There is a plethora of options for reliable and cheap home security systems today. Get in touch with the police if you need help assessing your home’s security or data about recent crimes in your neighborhood.

2. Turn the locks on the doors

To make sure no one can break into your home, examine the door frames, hinges, and mail slot (if there is one) on each outside door. Whenever you move into a new place that has been occupied by someone else, you should immediately change the locks. That way, you know your locks are top-notch and no strangers in the neighborhood have access to your house.

Intruders can easily get entrance through sliding doors, so it’s important to lock them. To prevent the door from being opened in the conventional manner, insert a window bar or a dowel inside the door’s track. A cutting-edge choice is to install a door or glass break sensor. If the glass door is smashed, an alarm will go off, discouraging any potential intruders.

3. Tighten the latches on the windows

A “common entry point for criminals” is through open, locked windows. In addition, the manufacturer’s window locks are spotty in terms of dependability and are prone to breaking. If you are worried about security, you should replace the unattractive window latches with keyed locks or levers. But if you want to, you can take it even further.

4. Shine Light Around Vandals and criminals alike avoid areas that are well-lit

To discourage them, make use of abundant outside illumination. It is important to illuminate the front and back yards, pathways, and areas around the garage and other outbuildings. This will make would-be intruders think twice about trying to enter, and it will also keep you from tripping on the front steps.

5. A secure Garage is Very Important

Each year more criminals use garages to break into homes. They either enter as they are left unlocked, or they use a thin wire to unlock the manual latch that garage door openers have. Even if they don’t make it inside, your garage is likely still a treasure trove. Keep the garage door closed and locked at all times and ensure the manual latch isn’t easily accessible from the outside.

If you park a car outside, make sure the garage door opener isn’t left in your car. A burglar won’t be able to steal it from your car if you do this. Don’t let delivery people, neighbors, or anyone else see you enter your garage’s access code.

In conclusion, it’s crucial to prioritise home security to safeguard your possessions and provide a secure setting for your loved ones. You can dramatically increase your home’s security by following the suggested advice, such as installing a security system, reinforcing doors and windows, lighting up the neighbourhood, and locking down the garage. Always take precautions, make sure your home security system is up to date, and read up on the newest innovations in the field. Having taken these measures, you may rest easy knowing that your home is safer and less likely to be broken into.