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How to upholster the seat of a toilet

Any time a toilet was a regular bedroom furniture and were, along with some chairs in almost every store selling furniture. Currently , these elegant pieces are harder to find, so the owners of house building or business create their own vanities. If you built your own toilet seat, or have had the luck to have found this pearl in a flea market or a bazaar Charities, your next step will be to upholster. Start with a bare wood seat, you’ve removed from the chair and free from any fabric or batting.

seat of a toilet


Lay your fabric face down. Put the toilet seat in the center of the fabric. Traces its perimeter with a marker for fabric. Measures 3 inches (7.60 cm) on each side and mark this measurement, since the need for filling the batt.


Cut the fabric using external markings as a guide. Unroll the sheet of batting and the seat moves to the center of the sheet. Redials the perimeter. Add 1 inch (2.54 cm) all around the batting and cut along that line.
Stack your inputs in the following order: fabric face down, wadding, chair seat upside down. Center the batting on the fabric, and focuses on the seat padding. Fold the front edge of the fabric with batting and hold it to the underside of the seat upholstery with one staple in the center.

Pull the fabric and batting from the trailing edge (the opposite of what you just staple) firmly toward you until the fabric is tight on the right side of the seat. Engrápalo Fold this edge and in the center of the seat, as you did before. Turn the seat so that the right side is facing you.

Hold the seat lightly placing your fingertips on the surface. Pull the fabric not subject side until the surface is smooth. Fold the fabric and batting on this edge and engrápalo, approximately in the center, to the bottom of the seat. Repeat this process for the last edge.

Turn back the seat and start stapling the entire front edge from the center outward, smoothing all wrinkles or bags while doing it. Stop 1.5 inches (6.5 cm) from both corners. Repeat this process for the other three sides.

Fold the fabric under one corner, the corner seat cubirendo; trims excess fabric. Strip of cloth slightly from side to side under the front piece of fabric. Hold down and fastened with a staple. Pull the bottom of the front piece on the side piece and engrápala to crush the package. Repeat the process on the other three corners of the seat.

Trim any excess fabric around the bottom edges of the seat. Cover the bottom of the seat with more material, as desired. Place the seat on your chair.