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A well-designed room gives employers a restaurant an idea of what is expected. The rich fabrics and curtains denote lush elegant and traditional room. The minimalist decorations suggest a more contemporary approach. The books on the design of the dining room of a restaurant not only dealing with color, fabrics and lighting, but also explain to the reader on how to integrate environmental well with the rest of the establishment.

Modern Italian style

Bon Apetit – Restaurant Design
“Bon Apetit – Restaurant Design” focuses on the interior design for restaurants. This book uses 35 restaurants around the world as models, has 300 pages, was published in 2007 and not only examines the designs of world-class firms as Hawkin / Brown and Marcel Wanders speaks but also fast food restaurants because its design. Each section is illustrated with color photographs and has an influential designer comment.

New Restaurant Design
The book “New Restaurant Design” by Bethan Ryder has interviews with 11 interior designers, including Marcel Wanders, Patrick Joiun and Adam Tihany, and color photographs of 45 restaurants worldwide. Among the successful restaurants are Senderens in Paris, Buddakan in New York and Bon in Moscow. The 192-page book has four thematic chapters: High Concept, Global Vision, classic and modern style new baroque style. Ryder is the travel editor of Livingetc magazine.

Boutique Restaurants
The book “Boutique Restaurants” of 224 pages, of John Riordan, published in 2008, focuses on smaller dining rooms. The author throws ideas around the world, exploring concept designs from modern to traditional. They cover all major design elements (tents, lighting, furniture and wall coverings). The color photographs that appear throughout the book correspond to 34 restaurants, and the text contains ideas to renovate an existing space or create a new one.

Best Ugly
AvroKO is a team of design and architecture in New York City. The 256 pages of “Best Ugly”, published in 2008, celebrating a Chinese concept that holds that all objects that are often uncomfortable or awkward are also beautiful. The team, designers of Public, The Stanton Social, Sapa and Odea, integrates that concept in decoration items on your restaurant from lighting fixtures to bath soaps. The color photographs throughout the book illustrate AvroKO’s designs from conception to completion.

Successful Restaurant Design, Third Edition
Food Service Equipment Reports says “If there was ever a single source for knowing how to plan a restaurant, the book” Successful Restaurant Design “can be that source.” Published in 2010, 336 pages, the third edition of the book of Regina S. Baraban and Joseph F. Durocher says the need for coordination between the front and rear of the house and includes case studies of successful restaurants. A section on sustainable design guides to restaurant owners how to make their establishments ecological and interviews with experts offers insight into the design process.

Restaurant Planning, Design, and Construction
The classic manual from Jeff B. Katz, “Restaurant Planning, Design, and Construction”, guides the reader through every step from planning to construction of the final product. Checklists, worksheets and step by step not only help designers to create a business plan, a budget and managing contractors, but also offers expert insight into the design of successful eaters. The 264-page book explains how to coordinate the planning and design and how to recognize areas that must be followed after opening a restaurant.