Reasons for Hiring a Professional to Regrout Your Tile

Finishing a tile project right and proper helps to make grout long-lasting. However, there are still chances of repairing the grout in the coming years. This post will discuss regrouting, a process of repairing an old grout. At the end of this post, we will be sharing an outstanding regrouting company you can depend on. Keep on reading!

About Regrouting Tile

Regrouting tile is simply removing the old grout to apply new grout. It is necessary to regrout tiles as soon as possible to prevent further damage. The common reasons for regrouting are tile discoloration, cracks, and missing parts. If these imperfections were left behind for weeks, they would get worst.

Anyone can do the job, even those without proper knowledge in regrouting. There are times when DIY regrouting gone wrong that ended up in more cost in the long run. Therefore, entrusting the process to a professional regrouting team would be better for many reasons.

How regrouting works?

Removing the old grout requires attention to detail, such as the presence of mold and mildew. These particles are a result of improper sealing and moisture that are not easily seen at a glance. Mold and mildew, if not taken away, may cause health issues.

All joints must be cleansed thoroughly for at ease installation of new grout. This can be too tricky and time-consuming but worth it when done correctly. Doing this part alone, without professional help, may result in higher chances of error.

Reasons to Hire a Professional

Regrouting services are everywhere now. They are a big help to achieve a well-built tile project. If you are in doubt of fixing a shower tile or kitchen tile, then looking for regrouting companies is the next step.

Before anything else, here is a list of reasons in hiring professional regrouting services instead of doing it yourself:

To save time and money

Hiring a professional regrouting company will help you save more money in the long run. Sometimes we try to do things alone just to save money but end up paying more. This commonly happens on regrouting tiles. If you are not sure of the process, better look for someone who knows the procedure.

Has the complete tools

Regrouting services have complete tools from removing old grout to changing with new grout. These tools are necessary to repair a tile project without the worry of it being demolished shortly. High-quality materials are promised to meet the price paid. In short, the materials used are long-lasting as well as cost-effective.

You can spot the difference between before and after regrouting, it would be huge as compared to the DIY process.

Has the experience for the job

Having an idea about grout products is essential to start regrouting. Some products can be deceiving and not really effective when applied. This is a common mistake for DIYers who think all products are the same and differs only in price. In fact, it would result in a worst-case scenario.

A professional regrouting company can help you determine quality products in just a glance. They are extremely knowledgeable about what products would bring the best results you are anticipating. Other teams could also recommend a possible course of action to lessen your total expenses.

Choose a team that knows how to install and seal grout properly to make it last up to 15 years without further repairs.

Finding a Regrouting Service

A regrouting service with experienced workers, tools, and grout products is the best choice to run to. No need to look for any other option when you have finally landed on such a regrouting service.

The good news is, GIB tiling offers a shower tile regrouting Perth that is commercial standard level. They cannot just ignore unattractive shower tiles, which they consider the busiest place in every home.

The workers have years of experience in regrouting bathrooms into their former look. Taking actions is not their first step but rather identifying tile problems. After that, the team will recommend cost-effective solutions and what they think is best for your shower room.

The service comes with a comprehensive warranty to give you peace of mind along the process. All necessary things shall be discussed ahead of time, including the cost of regrouting. They are one call away to hear your suggestions, as well.

High-quality materials and the latest tools shall be used throughout the regrouting service. GIB Tiling will restore your old looking shower tiles as nothing turmoil did happen. The service does not only focus on regrouting but also in inspecting your whole bathroom. What else to look for then?


Planning to regrout your home on your own is possible but this does not ensure a quality finish product. Let me guess why people rarely call for professional help in regrouting tiles, it must be the cost. Regrouting is going to be expensive if you want the best result. Someone out there can transform your shower room into something new. They are the regrouting companies with proper tools and materials, experience, and even knowledge of what to do best. Other than GIB tiling, some more regrouting services are willing to help you.

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