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How to build a railing for basement stairs

The metal railings on concrete stairs”>>basement stairs can serve a primarily utilitarian purpose or be part of the overall look of a finished basement. In any case, the bars, which are the uprights that form the railings railing staircase , provide structural support and a place to add decoration.

 build a railing

Measurement and preparation
The handrail in a staircase comprises individual bars, each of which connects the rail to the floor or on a handrail, horizontal. The spacing of the bars determines how many will be on the railing. For example, if the stairs of the basement has a railing that is 15 feet (4.5 m) long, will have 29 bars if they are spaced 6 inches (15 cm) away. The first baluster and the number 30 are unnecessary because the larger poles take their places as handrail bracket. The basement stairs are often placed along a wall, which means you need bars to only one side of the ladder , the other rail is connected directly to the wall.

The easiest way to create your own balusters for stairs basement wood is making a lathe. Use the guide around each bar to fit a pattern that draws in advance. Each material shows smooth square bar, which may be pieces of wood waste, using turning tools have curves and leaves appropriate to create the pattern desire for each rail. The railings for stairs basement bars can use identical or alternate between two or more styles.

The railings of the stairs of the basement can be finished with stain or paint to match the decor of the space. The basement stairs that serve a primarily utilitarian purpose need to preserve wood finish, especially if the basement tends to be wet or have temperature fluctuations. A base layer followed by several coats of latex paint should seal a railing and allow the wood resist heavy use and cellar conditions for many years.

Once the bars are finished, you can install next to the handrail. Wooden bars that connect between wooden rails can be fixed with screws or nails. In some cases it may be necessary to mount the bars directly to the concrete floor of a basement or concrete stairs. For this type of installation, using concrete anchor brackets which are metal brackets which are bolted to the concrete base and support an upright bar. Leave the bars based square to ensure a flat surface for attaching the brackets.