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Shocking professional home design

All the houses are based on an idea and are built on a basic design. Starting with the floor to define environments, the bathroom and the kitchen. To any housing must decide on a type of flat roof, slanted or curved.

But the good architects designed houses with many factors in mind, several more than the builders, and it is that ability to design which allows the professional to optimize the use of available space on the lot, take advantage of natural light, the best orientation of the structure, and a final aspect that defines the architectural work, when the House is completed and which can reach levels seeking works of art.


professional design houses


The best architects, the most professional, have artistic skills, with his works express conceptions of reality. The design of a House has to respond to the needs and demands of the client that handles it, but addresses concerns of the architect they must be focused on the client, society, and the environment.

Futuristic design and sustainable “net zero” Beach House
Proyecto House sustainable with very advanced technological design. Vertical sector is a candle that acts with breezes and wind from the sea. MO Ventus is a House that is transformed, moving parts to the outside or by storing them in its structure as a great high-tech machine.

In the current architectural design involved technology, building regulations, the value of the work in the market and environmental demands d our time. Architectural design engineering required for the calculation, construction, and when it must resolve the height or gravity.

Project of House of ultra-modern design aspect of Crown in Poland
This Polish design house shows profiles that evoke a Crown. Their geometric shapes with sharp angles, triangles and slanted lines, copied the mountainous frame. The appearance is of a work of ultra-modern residential architecture, and the study of architecture is identified by this architectural language.





The designs of houses are defined in styles or combination thereof. Also there are design houses that seem to move beyond styles, trying to push a lifestyle beyond their limits or define a new architectural language, these may be explaining to some works you can not identify them with what is known and is difficult to describe them.

House of elliptical shape of two plants in Buenos Aires – Argentina

A modern residence of elliptical design on two floors with curved exterior walls of glass, surrounded by a garden with trees and plants that keep privacy. Located on a body of water, as if it were a houseboat.

The geometric shapes of right angles, although simple are also present in architectural works of high design. The synthesis is the key in some design houses, can be seen in contemporary or minimalist homes.

Contemporary residential design house
A residence of design with two levels and input automobiles at lower level than the street with service units. Openings and lace make this contemporary House a really original and of high standard.

In the modern architecture, the function is a priority for the design of the houses. All design has a guiding purpose of the complete work.

Impressive ultra-modern house 
A Portuguese rural property with plants of olive trees stands in this unconventional design contemporary House after a reconstruction and remodeling. The form of this curious residence in two volumes a copy of a sheet of folded paper.

House residential contemporary 
Residence contemporary design that is unrelated to the naked eye the typical House. Two vertical volumes linked by the Middle forming a letter H where the main hall of this family home is located.

Ultra-modern residence in Athens, Greece
Greek rural property this impressive House of 1,000 m 2 on a platform with large swimming pool, is an example of advanced architecture inspired by designs for the future. But responds to the inclination of the owners for the nautical, so there is a balance with water and profiles of ships.

Beyond there the function are purposes to take into account, that they may be more or less overt in the work of architecture, for example: the orientation towards the environment, or the interior, sustainability, differentiation, luxury, and there are more.

Modern design house in South Korea
Urban Tower in Pankyo-like residence completed in 2010. It is a nonresidential difficult to classify style house, can be seen as a work Posmoderna. Undoubtedly responds to the lot and functions but also to an aesthetic expression.


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