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Picturesque colored houses

Wood and sheet Conventillos personality. The area of ​​La Boca in Buenos Aires which attracts large numbers of visitors, and moves tourism, called “Caminito”.

It is characterized by wooden houses and corrugated iron painted in bright colors and several in the same house. It has earned a place among the sites in Buenos Aires strong identity. colored houses that can be seen in the pictures are constructed of wood and veneer, are tenements, dwelling where dockworkers lived, today they have restored and recycled serve as museum, commercial spaces, and expression of folk art . To inquire about urbanism follow this link. To review entries that talk about painting houses continue to check the blog for this second link.

Picturesque colored houses

Tenement houses painted colors in Caminito
This corner of the port city located on the banks of the Riachuelo, Egido edge of town. The place is also known as the Vuelta de Rocha, because there the Creek makes a sharp curve.

It was a port for the city in the nineteenth century and of great activity, then relieved by Puerto Madero. The colors in the Vuelta de Rocha have revived a section of the creek.

Conventillos painted wood and veneers in La Boca
Caminito, particularly for its colorful houses, is the first tourist destination in Argentina. Precisely, the old houses, rescued and painted in multiple bright colors , are what people want to see. It is a small sector of the district of La Boca which extends very gradually.

Wooden houses and veneers in rich tones
The colors of these humble houses of La Boca represent the painting chosen in the neighborhood to give protection and an aesthetic look to walls, doors and windows, people resorted to remnants of cans of paint for boats.

Caminito multicolored Corner
But there is another reason that added and explains, was the art of the painter Quinquela Martín, who led many harbor scenes fabrics, imprinting colors arising from their creativity . These houses actually take varied and intense colors of the artist’s paintings.

This urban intervention in a small section of a neighborhood served the folk art and is now a tourist proposal that fails to attract a large audience of several countries. It is one of the City of Buenos Aires most visited. There is another entrance on the colored houses of Caminito , follow this other link for review.

Facades rich tones in La Boca
Martin quinquela put colorful La Boca, and eventually this neighborhood look resemble paintings of this painter, one of the most important in Argentina. There, in La Boca, grew up and lived as an adult, with his work thanks to the neighborhood, helping to develop a transcendent identity.

Gates colorful and rich tones facade
This artist was a person of humble origins who managed to educate, is dignified and since the 50s also sought to improve their neighborhood low-income working people , which largely succeeded with its proposal to Caminito, open art. Part of what you earned selling his paintings was donated for services to the community of La Boca. There is a museum in the neighborhood with his works.

Tenement facade with painted plates of various colors
The colors of these houses and tenements are spreading from Caminito, they do tourist-oriented proposals. There are eateries that offer functions tango dancers and folklore. Also shops offering souvenirs and artwork (drawings and paintings) by local artists.

Food facilities in a tenement of La Boca
This sector of a neighborhood identified with paint colors can be inspiring for architectural decoration or be an idea of intervention in facades to emulate, as urban appeal.