Living Room Design

How to painting kitchen cabinets

Beyond the kitchen and living room are two bedrooms separated or both are part of a larger space, the colors you choose for these rooms help define major whole space of your home. You can paint any rooms with a variety of finishes, including matt or gloss, although these tend to be the most suitable for wet areas such as the kitchen. Painting kitchen cabinets is an inexpensive way to make your kitchen cabinets look like new.

Keep neutrality
For a simple design, maintain neutrality. Use pale beige shades of white or any other base color to cover the walls and illuminates the space with rich upholstery. For a bold look that keeps neutral, you can use dark colors on your walls, like chocolate, and combine it with clear decorations. To create a contemporary look, opt for a monochromatic design neutral colors like gray to black in the kitchen and living room .

painting kitchen cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets
Make sure that the kitchen and living room are comfortable and cozy spaces by painting the walls. You can do this with a tone of pale yellow or brown earth. For a bold look, cover your walls with a deep red or burnt orange. It combines the intense colors with light neutral furniture or decorations do not overload the space with many colors.
Make ornaments
If you want a bit of contrast, add-ons in the kitchen. Use a complementary color on the walls, as dark yellow, and a second complementary color, like blue, for details. Paint cabinets, baseboards and other elements to integrate the second color space. Converts a bold and original wall at the focal point by painting stripes on both complementary colors.


Get creative
In recent years, the rules of the colors for the kitchen and the living room have been left out, so get creative. Try colors that never used it together. Paint the kitchen cabinets with dark blue, red or yellow mustard. Combine the look with dark brown or mocha walls. With a tape, you can create a design of diamonds on one wall or, if you have skills with the brush, you can make a mural.