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How to paint a wooden cabinet

Then we will see the most important steps on how to paint a wooden cabinet . Learn to give them a change to the old furniture and household . It is increasingly common that instead of buying new furniture, be given a new use for those who already have by painting and decorating them. Thus, it can give you a completely different style to a room, or you can renew the look overall household. Therefore, below we show the most important steps to take to paint a wooden cabinet.

how to paint

Step by step on how to paint wood furniture

Step 1

The first thing you should do is to sand the entire surface. This step is very important because in this way we remove traces of varnish or paint that can have the furniture. In the case of having a cabinet that has no varnish or paint, you may disregard this item. So everything, always a better finish will be achieved if a little sanding the surface. When sanding, it is important to sand in the direction of the wood grain. Also, if the same direction around the sanding furniture remains, avoid marks appear on wood.

Step 2

After you clean the surface dust with a damp cloth, leave to dry well. It is now the turn of primer or sealer . This previous layer is applied to the cabinet, is the basis for a good grip of the new color. In this case, a sealing layer will suffice. Furthermore, it is not necessary that the primer remains evenly across the surface. Keep in mind that your function will improve the grip of the rear painting. Must be allowed to dry following the manufacturer’s instructions. Today there are some paintings that already have built-based sealer or primer. In these cases, the second step is not necessary, but we must ensure that it is a quality paint to avoid future problems.

Step 3

Once the primer has dried well, it’s time to apply the new color to the cabinet. Usually, for a good job, it is recommended to apply two coats of paint. It is important to dry between coats both for the paint to grip the surface better. When painting, the most recommended is to paint thin layers of paint to finish more professional. We will have to give more hands, but avoid problems that may arise if the paint of each hand is too thick.

To paint, can be used both as Doritos foam brushes. In cases where the surface has any relief or drawing, it is best to use the brush. In most smooth areas, can use a small foam roller. In this second case, we recommend painting slowly and gently and push hard to avoid bubbles come out. If we find that there is a layer of paint that too much or drip has been somewhat bad, you can sand lightly before taking the next layer. In this case, the paint must be completely dry to avoid problems when sanding. It is important to dry the furniture at least 24 hours once we finished painting.

Step 4

Once we have finished furniture, you can apply a coat of gloss or matte clear coat so that the surface is fully covered . When painting the furniture, the possibilities are endless as there are paintings of all kinds. You can even use chalkboard paint effect with which you can write on the furniture .