Effective Garden Pest Control

Effective Garden Pest Control

If you don’t have an effective garden pest control strategy for your garden, it could be vulnerable to all kinds of critter attacks. There is no way to completely turn insects away from your garden, they have evolved over thousands of years living in this type of habitat, but not all insects … Read more

Garden Pests – Keep Your Guard Up!

organic garden pest control

The subject of garden pests is extensive and the information available could easily fill a large and comprehensive website. Obviously as this is a gardening website, I want to include at least some information on the more common pest issues. I decided the best way to start off this page was to … Read more

What, NO Pesticides At All?

Our self built greenhouse, made from pallets and plastic bottles.

This is a common response to hearing that everything we grow is untouched by toxins or chemicals of any kind. ‘What, NO pesticides at all?’ No, none. We can go further and state that we never kill anything in the garden – (okay, the bindweed is one exception, only we’re not spraying … Read more

How to Protect a Home from Pests

Keep your house clean

Bugs, cockroaches, rats, centipedes, termites and ants and other insects are unwanted visitors in your house that keep making themselves welcome. They live in the corners and crevices in your house, and poses danger to your hygiene, health, furniture and even to the structure of your home. Keep them away by following … Read more

Eight Important Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Eight Important Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Kitchen

The kitchen is where you spend most of your time cooking or cleaning, where families come together for meals, creating memories at reunions and festivities. Especially in a city like Concord, where friends and family are known to gather at each other’s homes, your kitchen undoubtedly becomes the most integral part of … Read more

7 Qualities to Look for in a Storage Facility

7 Qualities to Look faor in a Storage Facility

Whether you’re planning a long-distance move, moving your household items temporarily for renovation purposes, decluttering your house, or simply need a storage area to store additional items, there is no doubt that renting a storage unit is one of the most convenient ways to keep your items safe and secure. Due to … Read more

5 Tips For Setting Up Your New Home In Hamilton

5 Tips For Setting Up Your New Home In Hamilton

Congratulations on securing a home in Hamilton! This large town in southwestern Victoria, Australia, is a great place to live. And you might be super excited about getting away from your old home and city. But new beginnings and fresh starts are always tricky. And starting over in a new town, even … Read more

Artificial Turf For Batting Cage – 8 Reasons To Go For It

Artificial Turf For Batting Cage - 8 Reasons To Go For It

Artificial turf baseball fields are superior for a variety of reasons, including the ease with which they can be installed and the decreased expenses associated with their maintenance. Grass grown from seeds requires a significant increase in the amount of groundwork, water, and regular upkeep. Because of these drawbacks, some field maintenance … Read more

20 Things You Should Know Before Trying to Plant a Food Producing Garden

Food producing garden

Why garden, you ask? How about eating the most delicious fruits and vegetables you’ve ever tasted? If you have never tried garden-fresh food before, you will be astonished by the sweet, juicy flavors and lively textures. There is nothing quite like fresh vegetables, especially when you cultivate them yourself, which is possible! … Read more

How to garden in an apartment – is it viable?

Apartment gardening

Even in a small flat, it should be possible to cultivate plants. Apart from regular houseplants, various herbs, fruits, and vegetables can flourish in an apartment garden. As you develop your gardening talents, begin with a few containers. The availability of sunlight and the weight of your containers must be considered.  Despite … Read more

Tips on Keeping Grass Green During the Summer


In the summer, we want our lawns to look their absolute best. However, this is also when they experience the most stress. Drought and high temperatures pose a threat to our meticulously tended, luxuriantly green lawns. Increased foot traffic from pets and children causes more deterioration than we would want. Warm weather … Read more

How to Garden in The Desert


Are you interested in establishing a garden on the dry wasteland? Even for those who are new to desert gardening, the process of cultivating plants in a harsh climate can be difficult but ultimately rewarding. Because gardening always needs some degree of effort on the part of the gardener, there is no … Read more