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Assembly Instructions for oak bedroom furniture

The heirloom quality features, stunning and classic and build robust are just a few ways to describe a set of bedroom oak. Before spending thousands of dollars on a game completely assembled, many customers opt for oak furniture ready to assemble, an economical alternative and high quality. Follow a few simple assembly instructions to reinvent your space bedroom furnished with a new oak.

oak bedroom furniture

The approach
Leave the bed for last because it is the largest piece of furniture that takes up as much space on the floor. Keep the room as clear as possible and check each box to make sure that all parts and hardware are there. Assemble a piece at a time to avoid mixing parts. Gather the tools: A Phillips screwdriver and a flat, one punch and hammer be necessary to place the screws in place. Buy a glue for wood of excellent quality for use on all connection joints during assembly.

The toilet
Assemble the dressing first. Connect back to the two side panels, and then connect the front using screws, pins or other fasteners. Adjust all bolts and parts and then apply a drop of glue to the top edge of timber vanity base, on which rest the surface of the dresser. Place dressing on the surface of the base and hold it from below using the specified hardware to connect the two parts. Hold the dressing mirror to the back of the connecting screws parties. Assembles the individual drawers. This is where the wood glue will be more important, since the drawers receive the greatest stress, opening and closing in daily use, so it is important to reinforce each joint with wood glue. After screwing and nailing the parts together, use a Phillips screwdriver to attach the handles across the front of the drawers and then them apart to let the glue dry.

The cabinet
Joining the cabinet in a horizontal position. Start with one of its side walls and parallel  horizontally on its side with its front edge down. This makes it easier to hold the back panel without having to move the first unit. Using screws and glue to the timber for connecting the top of the cabinet to the upper end of the side wall, then the bottom of the bottom one to the other. See the other side of the unit and connecting the other side wall in the same way. Nailed or screwed the back panel in place all around the edges to close the unity and stability. Put the foot and inserts closet shelves and assembles and inserts his drawers. Connect the door using the hinges and screws holding the handle or knob.

The bedside
Because bedside tables are typically equal in a game room , you may want to complete their assembly steps simultaneously. Connect one side panel to the top and bottom of the table at night with the front of the unit face down. Connect the other side and then secures the back using nails or screws. Assemble and insert the drawer or doors installed or, depending on the design of your nightstand.

Supports the head against the wall, with the hardware of the bed frame out. Screws inserted through holes in the head and one end of the frame bar which is the mattress support, with the edge of the mattress support inward. Screw the other bar in place on the other side of the header and check that all nuts and bolts are tight. Hold the foot of the bed while lifting the other end of one of the mattress support frames, insert the screw through the holes in the base and into the mattress support frame, adjust the screws and nuts. Repeat on the other side and then check that all screws and nuts are tight. Place your mattress on the frame, followed by the mattress and then make the bed linens combined. Rearrange the pieces of furniture bedroom oak on the best places in the room and enjoy your game room for many years to come.