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Nature an autumn dress

Autumn comes to renovate the houses and fill them with that special light that distill these months. We propose to fill your rooms with natural designs, with prints inspired by the most exotic places. There are many ways to renovate a house, and Leroy Merlin know well. Painting, wallpapering, varnishing, recycled furniture … But one of our favorites is undoubtedly use patterns in textiles for clothing environments. In upholstery, pillows, curtains or anything you can think of (for example, to line a cabinet), the natural fabrics are the stars of this season. Along these lines, the collection Pepe Penalver conducted in collaboration with Leroy Merlin take all the charm of exotic vintage to any corner of your home. Lets talk about Nature An autumn dress.


Linens and cottons, how to combine them?

This fantastic collection for autumn-winter 2015 commitment in two classic decor warm and natural fabrics: linen and cotton. These materials are great to combine with light woods, such trend today thanks to the rule of design Nordic . The texture of both tissues invited to feel his touch with the skin, present in upholstery and cushions; but they are also great for shading light curtains, making it part of the decor. If you opt for this solution, monitors the length of the curtains reach the floor: there are few things less “stylish” a curtain that falls short.

Colors that blend

The collection (which, incidentally, is a limited edition) presents four options : Guayana, Dream, Macao and Ethnicity . The first three have broken white, perfect to highlight the prints in soft colors trend. The third Ethnicity is inspired by traditional exotic prints, including ikat, ever present in the collections of Pepe Penalver. The tonal range covers petrol blue, mustard yellow, gray stone, moss green, strawberry pink and mauve: cauldron with orange are colors that succeed this season.
Combine … and wins!

To mix well with other fabrics decorative objects, the colors concept Leroy Merlin House is the perfect guide to help, and much, in your autumn renewal. It is based on coordination: that is, mixing different products to achieve full effect where harmony champion on track. Thanks to this innovative concept, you can merge all materials and items found in the shops and create balanced environments. Wood, wallpaper, fabrics, paintings and a thousand and one accessories will ally to create environments “magazine”. Dare to try!