Decorating with Rattan

When it comes to choosing the right material for your furniture and accessory pieces, it always seems like a game on what is the most important between style, function, price, and durability. One thing that wins on all those factors is rattan. It’s generally inexpensive, strongest of the many types of wicker furnishings, and can come in different types of furniture and accessories.

And no matter what the interior design style of your home is – whether it’s coastal, cottage, bohemian, cabin, shabby chic, modern, contemporary, industrial or traditional – you can always incorporate rattan pieces to make a subtle statement. Its woody yet vine-y appearance lends an earthy, organic beauty. Another bonus about it is it’s an eco-friendly material that can make up beautiful handicraft and art pieces!

With that being said, here are some ideas that can inspire you to use rattan furniture and accessories for your home interiors.

1. Incorporate rattan with wood

Rattan and wood look fabulous together, offering a classic and comfortable aesthetic. It makes a convenient and practical decorating choice. Blend wood furniture with rattan furniture and other rattan decorative items to create a beautiful effect. This especially works in the dining room and living room – wooden tables blend well with rattan chairs and rattan couches with cushions.

2. Mix rattan chairs with a minimalistic, modern table

If wood + rattan looks too predictable for your taste, mix in rattan chairs with a minimalistic, modern table to create interest. This combination looks especially great in French or a beach cottage. It makes a cozy feel without being too loud.

3. Get a rattan screen

A rattan screen doesn’t only help break up a large space, but it can also add a lively element to a blank wall or space. Choose a rattan screen with an open weave and pattern, so it can let plenty of light in while still giving some privacy.

4. Add a rattan piece to bring texture

4. Add a rattan piece to bring texture

Two great things about rattan are its organic texture and neutral palette. Floors that need an instant lift will benefit from rugs made of rattan, such as bathrooms, foyers, and stairs. Plus, you don’t have to worry if it would suit your interior because its neutral color can pair flawlessly with your existing furniture. Switching out your generic lampshades with something as chic as rattan can also lift up your interiors. Even when switched off, a rattan lamp can create a warm glow.

5. Use rattan furnishings to add warmth

5. Use rattan furnishings to add warmth

In an interior with all-white walls, ceilings, and built-in cabinets, adding rattan furnishings like tables and chairs can provide the warmth it lacks. All white looks too pristine and cold, and rattan can break up the ice and make the room a more welcoming and comforting space. This design works well in beach houses and coastal or shabby chic interiors.

6. Get a rattan daybed

To spruce up your space, add a wonderful and unexpected alternative to a sofa like a rattan daybed. This doubles as a couch you can relax in and a bed that for guests. It works as a secondary couch for your living room or a couch for your home library, or if you have space, in your bedroom. It adds a feminine touch to space without being too girly.

7. Add a rattan ottoman for your living room

A rattan ottoman is a pretty option, no matter what décor style your living room has. If you can’t find a perfect ottoman that can match the furniture you already have, choose one made from rattan. Its muted style fits into any space and blends easily into your existing design. Pick one that provides not just seating but also storage, for extra bang for the buck.

8. Spruce up your storage with rattan baskets

Of course, this list of ideas will not be complete without mentioning the queen of rattan products: baskets. Using rattan baskets and bins is an easy and convenient way to add storage and help organize your stuff while adding warmth and style to your house at the same time. On your open shelves, place some basic rattan baskets – it’s best to fill up a shelf or two of them. This also works great for bathrooms as storage for extra tissue papers. If you want a more tribal aesthetic, choose baskets with additional color and patterned elements.

9. Decorate a rattan chair with a comfy throw and a rug under it

To achieve a boho chic aesthetic, rattan is often used. Try it by looking for a statement rattan chair to put in your hallway or a reading nook. Place a sheepskin throw or rug on top of the chair, then find a colorful Moroccan rug to brighten up the area.

10. Consider colored rattan pieces

Rattan looks great on its default neutral color, but it can start to look a bit ratty as time goes by. You can spray paint rattan furniture to bring new life or simply add a touch of color you prefer. Coloring a rattan chair with bright red or navy blue can brighten it up, then add white or yellow striped cushions to provide a cheerful, nautical theme. You can paint your rattan chairs, footstools, coffee table or bins in pastel pink or pastel mint green if you’re going for a shabby chic style. For a more modern take, paint your rattan furniture and accessories in white, black or gray.