Modern House Roof Designs: 4 Popular Styles of Current Time

Want to renovate your house completely both from the exterior and the interior? Then, roof design selection will be the point for which you would need to discuss with your family, see the different roof designs available, and select the most appropriate for your house.

We have brought some very popular roof design ideas that you should check out so that you will have an idea about them and then you can carry on your research and select the best one.

1. Skillion/lean-to rooftop

A rooftop having a slanting surface on one side only is called a skillion/lean-to rooftop. Other names for this roof are pent roof and shed roof. It is in contrast to the dual-pitched roof which is called a gabled roof. It is a good option for solar panels and skylights. This roof is good at removing water and snow due to their steep slope so if you are residing in a location where there is heavy rainfall or snowfall then this roof is the best.

2. Gable roof

As said earlier, a roof having slopes on two sides is called a gable roof. It is the most common roof found in the areas of the world where there is cold weather. It is one of the oldest roof designs seen worldwide and is popular even in modern times. The triangular shape of this roof lets snow and rainwater disperse away quickly. Your house will look elegant from outside due to this classic roof design.

3. Dormer

Have you seen that roof style having a window in it? You would have seen that in castles, churches, and even in houses having more than one floor. It is called a dormer roof. Dormer roof structure projects vertically beyond the plane of a pitched roof. If you have a multi-storeyed house then you can have this roofed structure.

It will provide extra ventilation with a small window in the dormer. You won’t even need to have an air conditioning system in your upper room if you are getting a good blow of wind due to the window.

4. Butterfly


A very unique and elegant house roof design is this one. A similar design to the way how a butterfly opens its wings and flies. Exactly opposite to the gabled roof as the slope is downwards in a gabled roof while here it is upwards, so it looks like a V shape.

It will look really nice but not advisable if you are having a frequent snowfall or rain in your locality.

So, here were the modern roof designs that people usually choose for their house. Consult with your architecture as to which roof will go best with your house design and create the best, elegant roof for your house.