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Modern Decorating Styles

It’s time to banish the stereotype that the modern style is always equivalent to a minimalist decor. The fact is that there are hundreds of styles of modern decor, from the simple wabi-sabi to the most ornate and modern artistic bohemian. You can invest in a key to creating a focal point for the room or gets a complete makeover for the house furniture.


Modern decor in the second half of the century
One of the modern styles that never dies is the second half of the century. This look, popularized by designer Charles Eames and chairs with his signature, combined low and modular pieces. The decor is minimalist but the surfaces do not have to be empty. Geometric shapes in vases can decorate a floating shelf or a medicine cabinet Ikea style with frosted glass doors can let out a row of apothecary jars filled with beautiful concoctions. The tones of natural wood floors, moldings, door frames and furniture have a touch of color with rugs bright or an accent wall in a green tone or tone based on classic gray blue.

Modern Decorating Styles

Bohemian modern decor
For the person who likes her modern interior has an eclectic and artistic flair, bohemian modern, or “Bomo” trend, is ideal. This appearance celebrate your personal style and encourages the mixture of colors and patterns, heirlooms and mass produced items, pictures and discoveries in the flea market . Create a bohemian board to place a shelf with classic dishes from different periods and themes. Decorate a table with a tablecloth pastel blue and a bucket of metal filled with wildflowers. Stack books bedside tables as a spontaneous night. The principle of Bomo is to choose pieces that you like and have a story, the overall design of your home will emerge in an authentic way that is uniquely you.


Wabi-sabi modern decor
Many people have forgotten worn by stylish look or touch something that has modern and less ornate. The wabi-sabi approach to decorating begins by removing excess home decor accessories. Start with a soft white or a palette of earthy tones and adds simple and rustic furniture with a worn look. A table Shaker style painted with a translucent old cover to allow the wood underneath is shown to become the focal point in the dining room or kitchen, especially if you have a row of small candles or is adorned with a table runner bamboo. Glass bottles filled cobalt blue basil and rosemary becomes a garden to the window ledge. The philosophy behind the appearance reside in the Japanese notion that an object of beauty is that which is imperfect, incomplete and temporary.