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How to living room decor for two children

Sharing a living room decor can be a challenge for people of all ages. However, when children have to share a room, you can reduce the possibility of implementing space-related creative methods to divide discussions. Fortunately, divide a room for two children also provides an opportunity to use some techniques to integrate imaginative decor and the unique style of each decoration.


Talk to children about their colors, themes and favorite activities. Make a list of the ways in which, ideally, everyone would like to look her bedroom. Measure the space and decide where to make the split. Give each child the same amount of space and leave some area to share as an art table or sector where they keep the toys.

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Mark with tape the line between the two spaces and painting the walls on each side of the room with different but complementary colors or designs. If you like similar colors, you can paint the walls the same color and create a visual division of space with different designs wallpaper guards. Use a third complementary color to paint the shared areas and create a cohesive look of the bedroom decor.
Place separate shelves or other furniture to divide the room into two separate spaces in the paint line. Shelves or shelves with compartments are ideal for dividing space. If you place yourself the header back to back beds also will create a division that will allow children to feel that they also have privacy when sleeping.

Install a strut along the bedroom and add curtains that can be closed. They work as a temporary wall that provides privacy while children dress or blocking the entry of light from one side of the room to the other in the case of children with different sleep routines.

Sets rules for kids maintain conservation of the room and to respect the privacy of another . Assign them tasks to each side to ensure each bedroom and common areas are kept clean and tidy.