Linen Curtains Buying Guide

Curtains are an important part and significantly affect the overall appearance of your home decor. Decorators will tell you that curtains make or break a room depending on the choice of curtains.

So, you have decided to revamp your living space or just want to add some style. Linen curtains are much more than pretty window dressing. They are an inexpensive way to go if you’re going to modernize and upgrade your home. Curtains can sync with your interior look; therefore, harmonizing and completing the feel and ambiance.

When appropriately chosen, curtains can upscale privacy or block unwanted heat and light. Fortunately, there are no strict rules for buying curtains. The ultimate decision depends on your tastes and preferences. However, with the many options available in the market, the buying process can still be overwhelming.

Here are some of the things to consider when buying curtains.


The curtains’ material plays a huge role in determining the look, the purpose and how well it can function as well as its life. Ideally, linen curtains are an excellent option if you want privacy or to block out lights. They tend to hang the best and will last longer thanks to the cellulose fibers.

If blocking out sunlight is not a necessity, curtains engineered from lighter material will do. Lighter fabrics create a more subtle feeling and sync with the home’s existing decor perfectly. If you must block out natural light, then colored light fabric will do so while bringing elegance to your rooms. Glossy curtains can also add a layer of depth to your space.

Keep in mind that the most attractive curtains tend to be less durable. However, if you believe in change and aesthetics is a priority, you can go for any fabric.

Privacy and lighting

If curtains are the only window treatment, you will want to consider the privacy required in different rooms. Apparently, you will like to filter light differently, depending on several factors. You may opt for sheer or light fabric curtains for living rooms, sunroom, or dining room because they let in more light.

Lighter curtains are also ideal for smaller rooms because more light makes them appear larger. For bedrooms or theater where privacy or darkness is a necessity, consider heavier fabrics.


The most admissible length of curtains is floor-length. A linen curtain that seldom hits the floor is ideal and gives a classic, tailored look. If you like to look to give your space a dramatic look, there is no harm in buying a curtain with a little overflow. Nevertheless, curtains that barely hit the floor are exactly easy to open.

The overall curtain length will depend on how high above the window your curtains will begin. For this reason, you will want to decide where your curtain will begin before making an ultimate decision. Designers usually hang curtains six inches above the window.

Be sure to add 4-8 inches on the sides of the curtain.

Select the appropriate color (prints and patterns)

When buying curtains, it is imperative to buy linen curtains that coordinate with the style of your rooms. Ideally, the color should sync with the color of walls, floor or carpets, and other soft furnishings.

Patterns and prints are a great way to add a focal point to your space. However, if you have another focal point, for instance, intensely colored walls, carpest, or furniture, you should go for curtains featuring a neutral tone. Too many patterns in one room can bring about overwhelmingness in your rooms.

If the rest of your rooms feature solid colors, patterned curtains will bring excitement. This will absolutely elevate the elegance of your rooms.

Lining or no lining

If curtains are the only window treatment you have, it is recommended to use linen curtains with lining. Curtains linings have their indispensable benefits like protecting curtain fabric, furnishings, and the wood floor. The lining also makes the curtain richer by adding more weight.

Besides upscaling the opacity of the curtains, lining makes your curtains energy efficient. Your rooms will stay cool during the summer and relatively warmer during winter. What is better than this?

Energy efficiency properties

Installing curtains can significantly lower energy bills significantly. They reflect heat during the summer and insulate your room during winters; therefore, saving heating and cooling costs. In addition to reducing energy bills, linen curtains allow light to penetrate, so you don’t need to waste electricity to light rooms.

Washing machine friendly or dry clean only

Linen curtains are a worthy investment. Apparently, the last thing you would want is ruining your high-quality and expensive curtains. Buying curtains that are compatible with washing machines will save you money. High-end and luxurious curtains may require dry cleaning, but they are costly. Nevertheless, this will save you time, and you will feel secure, leaving them in the hand of professionals to clean.


It is a no-brainer that curtains will hang on a curtain rod. The type of rod, tassels, and the hanging method you choose can also influence the curtain you choose. Make sure to pick a curtain that works with any accessory without sacrificing quality and tastes.

Where to buy linen curtains

All you want is 100% linen curtains to create an eco-friendly home. Here are some of the best sellers.

  1. Magic Linen: This is by far the best place to buy 100% linen curtains. Magic Linen has options to suits virtually anyone’s needs. The seller has earned an excellent reputation from their lightweight style and gorgeous weaving for the dual-toned, ruffle-bottomed curtain.
  2. West Elm: Selling 100% pure linen curtains, West Elm offers high-quality curtains ready to dress up any room.
  3. Epic Linen: If you want to add elegance to your rooms, Epic Linen curtains are all you need. They sell natural linen curtains that suit all your needs.
  4. Pottery Barn: Pottery Barn is committed to satisfying any customer with various collections of 100% linen curtains. Give your room a soft and cozy feel with the best.
  5. Linen Bedroom: All linen curtains you crave are available in Linen Bedroom. The seller offers plenty of options that will make your room more natural and elegant.


If you want to buy curtains, there is nothing that beast the quality and elegance of linen curtains. You will find linen curtains that suit all your needs and budget.