Landscaping: ideas for decorating the outside

If you are lucky enough to have a small garden do not miss the ideas decor for decorating gardens . When the warmer weather we like to enjoy the outside , but it is not always possible. If we are lucky we have a good time and enjoy these rooms of our home garden. Therefore, we propose some ideas for decorating for the proper maintenance of the garden.ideas for decorating


Ideas to decorate the garden

Garden: Paradise staff
If you have an abandoned garden and do not know where to begin to decorate we give some very practical ideas: a fabric mulching on soil will prevent the growth of weeds, and volcanic rock strewn across the surface, and decorating, avoid ongoing maintenance of the land. In this way, we will have a garden that need very little maintenance.

Garden area
In this case we will reform and protect the exterior of our home and make it a vibrant and colorful space. Placing colorful furnishings and an umbrella practice and installing a beautiful shower where you can cool achieve decorate a garden area.

Decorate garden
The garden can be a cozy place to enjoy quality time with family or friends. Therefore, with a pergola, outdoor furniture and some tasteful get a perfect place to enjoy the weather.

Zen garden style
When decorating a garden we can opt to choose a particular style. This time we show how to decorate a garden of zen style. We will see how to make a garden in a comforting meditation space with elements such as stones or sand, a space where to find the tranquility and energy.

Garden sheds
addition to the well maintained garden, to enjoy all of this space is very important to the maintenance of the different elements that we have in him. Here, we show a simple way to turn the garden into a harmonious place and a different air, thanks to the decoration of garden sheds.

Garden and playful urban garden
if we have a garden with a size considered we can choose to define different areas. In this case we will create two sleepers delimitation areas: the recreational area and the area to an urban garden.