Ideas maple kitchen cabinets

Maple is an item common for kitchen cabinets because it has soft beads that absorb either paint or ink . Because of this, maple cabinets work with a variety of different decorative styles. The natural color of maple blend well with most color schemes alone. The colors and accessories you use in your kitchen will determine the look and feel of the room.
maple cabinets

The cabinets
Apply varnish on the wood if you like the look of natural maple. The natural maple works well with rustic, traditional and modern styles. Add dye, such as cherry, wood if you want a more dramatic or elegant. Paint the cabinets if you want a bold look. The cabinets are bright red on white walls, while white cabinets can be mixed with white walls or combined with colorful walls. If you’re not sure how you will be changing the maple completely, you can paint just the doors. Alternatively, you can decorate the cabinets with glass panel doors or elegant, or remove the doors completely to display your decorative plates.


Natural maple is somewhat neutral in the sense that complements almost any color you use on your walls. Get a fresh, clean look by painting your walls smooth and cool blue or slate gray. Use a red brick if you want something warmer or bold. Maple cabinets in golden tones serve to maintain a neutral and friendly atmosphere. A simple and colorful border or backsplash, a mosaic tile can add color and interest without detracting from the kitchen cabinets or overload.
Countertops and floors
The white tiled countertops combine with maple cabinets to create a rustic look or country, while the dark stones such as black granite work best in traditional or modern kitchens. You can also use different woods such as maple. The color of your allowance should complement the style and feel you want to create. For example, concrete or slate countertops give a fresh look to combine with a modern or minimalist decor.

The complete look
Use your appliances and accessories to complete the look of your kitchen. White appliances are mixed with maple cabinets painted white, creating a rustic or country look. The stainless steel appliances contrast with the warmth of wood to create a striking look. The stainless steel well with dark stone countertops to achieve a bright and modern kitchen, which is also warm and inviting. Black appliances work in modern and traditional kitchens, countertops and especially if they have some black accessories. Hang pictures, tiles or works of art that complement the look you want to achieve. Plants, dishes, baskets, cans, jars and vases can personalize your kitchen.