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Interior of residence

There whims met over the original architecture of some houses and in certain interior design . Accommodations at this Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, someone had the pleasure of putting on the floor of the room one of his expensive cars from down garages, with a lift to transport any of the nine models of vehicles luxurious and exotic. was precisely the purpose of the owner being able to see his Lamborghini, or any of the other vehicles in its collection, comfortably sitting in your living room, linked to his garage with several cars. If you can buy only one of these luxury vehicles, it may order a home of unique contemporary architectural design , the outside and inside. Inspect other content on garages and elevators for homes published in this blog of architecture, follow these links.

Interior of residence

Car Lift from the garage to the living room of the residence
A dream come true for a fan of all four wheels, and with their pockets full. The result of the addition of this equipment to the residence is both decorative, as the vehicle comes to appear as a collector’s item or art.
The imagination and design, when there is enough money involved, may serve to realize many unique things, this is a custom architecture home .

Garage of the house, garage at street level, living room on the upper floor
This garage was developed to raise any of the nine cars that keeps down in the garage at street level and leave it on the main floor, on display in the living room of the house . If you want to surprise someone, impact, with this expensive insurance even make it.

Ample room in the house with the car raised to room level
There is the idea that usually have either the experience of relaxing at home, watching a car jewel in the room . Neither seems to have anything to do with this idea of an ecological house rather impressive otherwise, thousands of horsepower in the garage.

Shows a sagittal plane of the house
When no auto high, given the living (living room), the floor is closed so that it leaves no traces of the lift platform . This particular design of residential house is Japanese architect.

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