Ideas for Decorating with Baskets

If you look around your house, you’ve probably got a few baskets, but they’re an accessory you don’t think much about. Yes, they are great for storage and for carrying picnic lunches to the park, but they are often overlooked as statement pieces. Baskets are very versatile, and they look great when proudly displayed in a room. Not to mention they are cheap, lightweight, and add a touch of texture to a room.

If you think a basket doesn’t suit your décor style, think again – there are many types and looks of baskets: woven, knit, wicker, crochet, and even metal wire ones.

A basket is a great idea for decoration because they are versatile and they really look great. Here are some ideas for decorating with baskets:

Storage for pillows and throws

A gray couch on a living room with a basket beside it

Big baskets are the perfect solution for extra storage for your linens. It can hold throws, pillows, and blankets, which can be displayed proudly in living rooms and bedrooms. While serving as storage when these things are not in use, it makes a pretty natural accent in the room as well.

Side table alternative

Looking for an affordable alternative to a side table? A large basket turned upside down can be a great solution. The bottom part of the basket can serve as the tabletop. It also makes your “table” unique. Place it beside your bed or a couch in the living room and display some houseplants in there to brighten up the room.

Wall hanging

A wall decorated with different wicker handmade trays and baskets

Round baskets with very low sides make great wall décor. They can be grouped together on one wall or displayed individually. It’s a cheap and light alternative to a traditional piece of artwork while still adding character to the room.

House plant holder

A seagrass basket pot with plant on a fake grass floor

Sometimes, the perfect pot to display your houseplants is hard to find. You can make it look intentional by placing a pot in a big, thick, woven wicker basket. Just make sure to plant the houseplant in a plastic planter first to catch the water. If the basket is too deep, use some newspaper or Styrofoam to prop it up. The basket’s beautiful weaves and the natural color look perfect when paired with greenery. Display it next to a table or beside a sofa or chair in the living room.

Hanging plant holder

Hanging baskets with green plants

The same goes for hanging plants. If your decorative plants are hung inside your home, you can use pretty little baskets instead. Group them together for the best effect.

Entryway organizer

Your home’s entryway is the first thing people see when they walk into your house, so make it count. A well-organized one can be challenging to achieve, but you can use baskets to keep your open shelf organized. These baskets can serve as storage to keep gloves, umbrellas, tote bags, and other items out of sight but at your disposal.

Tray for table displays

Fresh tulips flowers put in vases on coffee table with candle and watering can on rattan tray

Woven basket trays help corral a bunch of collected items and make them appear less cluttered. If you like to display vases of flowers, books, candlesticks, ashtrays, shells, bowls of pebbles, and other knick-knacks on your coffee table, get a basket tray to group them together neatly. Placing your centerpiece items in a basket will immediately draw the eye and give the display a sense of importance.

Firewood storage

Whether you prefer the log-carrier version for vertical logs or a regular basket to load a wood vertically, using a basket for firewood on the hearth is both pretty and practical.

Organizer for open shelves

An open shelving with wicker boxes

Open shelves only look nice if the items stored there are neatly displayed. To keep it organized and visually appealing, you can use woven baskets as storage for smaller, irregularly shaped items that would otherwise make your open shelves look cluttered.

Remote control storage

If your remote controls for your TV and entertainment centers keep getting lost in the cushions, use storage for it. You can opt for a small basket that you can keep for display.

Toilet paper storage

If you lack enough storage for your toilet supplies, you can opt for a large, lidded basket that can hold many rolls. A basket can provide ample storage for toilet paper – just keep it far from the wet areas like the shower and the bathtub.

Bathroom organizer

Wicker baskets in a bathroom may attract mold and mildew, so you can opt for modern wire baskets for a simple yet glamorous effect. Use wire baskets to keep everything in order – from guest towels, facial products, or fuzzy slippers you like to wear after a bath.

Faux flower statement decoration

A wide woven basket can serve as a statement piece in a room, making your home look decorating magazine-worthy. You can paint part of the basket with a pretty color, then fill it up to make it look like a big flower planter. Since you’ll be using a large basket, fill them up first with foam pieces and some balled-up plastic bags. Since you’ll be using faux flowers, you don’t need actual soil and dirt, and it will also make your planter lighter. Once you’ve filled up the bottom, place the flower stems in between to display. You can ball up more plastic bags and lay them right below the flower heads to keep them from looking smashed.

Storage for bills and papers

You can get a small, lidded, rectangular basket that can serve as a home for your bills or papers to be sorted for your home office. Sometimes, if you just store all your mail and bills in the drawer, it can become cluttered over time. But putting them in a closed box on top of the counter can work well without paper clutter getting out of hand. Plus, it makes a beautiful accent to any tabletop.

Over-the-cabinet fillers

The space above your kitchen cabinets is often left to gather dust. You can put it to work by adding a few storage baskets that can fit in the space and fill the baskets with things you rarely need. If you often cook in the area near the kitchen cabinets, it might get greasy, so you can use a wire or a fabric basket that you can easily clean.

Trash receptacle

A dark-colored basket can work well as a trash can for dry stuff. Do you know how expensive those pretty little trash cans can be? If you’re looking for one that you can place in an area of your house that you like to keep neat, you can use baskets – they are a cheaper but still elegant alternative.

Laundry hamper

A room with a jute doormat, golden plant pot, and seagrass laundry basket 

Laundry baskets can also be pricey, especially if you want a cute one that will double as décor for your space. There are no rules that say you can’t use a pretty basket in its place.

Guest room storage

So you don’t have a linen closet in your guest room? That’s not a problem. You can make your guests feel right at home by displaying extra blankets and pillows in an attractive basket. Towels, guest slippers, and a robe can help you remind your guests how happy you are that they came to visit and stay with you.