How to Take a Chlorophyll Shot

Ever wish that there was a way to make water even better than it already is? It’s hard to imagine that you could. When it comes down to it, very few drinks can compare to the powerful, refreshing goodness that pure water can bring you.

Sure, it’s not that comforting cup of coffee that will get you through a rough morning or even that first cocktail on a Friday night when you are out celebrating the weekend; but it’s necessary, life giving and somehow completely delicious despite being flavorless.

Well the good news is that if you are a water lover but are looking to shake things up and somehow get even more out of your favorite natural beverage – the chlorophyll shot is just for you!

Water Enhancer

Our chlorophyll shot is 2 ounces of complete goodness that you can take either as a shot or as a water enhancer. What is a water enhancer? Good question! This is simply an additive that you can combine with your water to help enhance its natural properties.

But how in the world can water be enhanced when it’s already so incredible?

That question can really only be answered by looking at what water is and how your body uses it!

Hydration Nation

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle that is as simple to understand as getting enough proper sleep at night is staying well hydrated! As a human species we are composed of up to 60% water! Down to our cellular structures, water is a huge part of what makes our entire body function and exist!

So, just like naturally getting hungry when we use up our glucose stores through exercise or even just our metabolic rate, or getting sleepy when we’ve been up too long – our bodies will crave water because we constantly use it.

Our bodies don’t just use good ole H2O, but also use a myriad of different minerals, vitamins and electrolytes that are absorbed with the water. So, when you go to the gym and sweat out a great workout session, you won’t just be needing some more water replacement but minerals and electrolytes as well!

A water enhancer does just that! It adds to water what your body also needs and helps you to replenish faster and stronger!

Are There Any Side Effects to Water Enhancer?

Barring any allergies, we are happy to report that our chlorophyll hydration shot is zero calories and represents no particular risk. Some sports drinks that claim to be great sources of replenishment and hydration are loaded with extra sugars and unhealthy chemicals like food coloring. Our chlorophyll hydration shot has three easy, safe and helpful ingredients:

  • Water
  • Lemon Juice: rich in healthy antioxidants and strong health benefits
  • Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin: extracted from

How to Take The Shot

Our 2 ounce chlorophyll hydration shot is packaged in environmentally friendly 100% rPET and is the perfect size to fit any lifestyle. No matter what your daily grind may look like, you can easily take this shot with you.

Not only that but it doesn’t really matter when you take it! All day your body will be in need of staying hydrated so it will always be a great addition to your routine. When you may feel its effects most will be after a great workout or some exercise as part of your recovery process.

You can also either take it as a shot and enjoy it’s slightly green tea taste. As a shot it will go down easy and still give you all the great benefits that you deserve. You can also drop the shot into 32 ounces of water and take that with you on the go!

This will immediately enhance your water and give you something to drink for the day! With absolutely zero calories, this incredible enhancer will only add to your day in the best ways possible!

Start Hydrating Like You Were Meant To

So start giving your body more than just simple hydration. You deserve to feel your best and have the right kind of fuel you need to accomplish your goals. By trying out one of our chlorophyll hydration shots we know that you can impact your daily health goals in big ways! If you don’t have a pressed store nearby you order one to try out on it’s own to test it or order bundles of six!