How to remove stains from the floor

At home we can have different kinds of homes which everyone needs a cleaning and different care whether it is to their material, form or class. In this course you will learn how to remove stains and clean the surface of the different kinds of flooring that you can have at home because with a few simple tricks will be easier for routine grooming. Clean your floors with these simple tips and you’ll see gleaming shine. If you want to more details about home renovation and water damage service you could choose water damage Cincinnati.

To remove spots of bitumen or fat in general parquet floors, soak a piece of cotton in turpentine and use floor wax to standardize the color of the place cleaned, stains removed with hydrogen peroxide and then some ammonia water, and finally the grease stains from food such as egg, proceed to clean the spot with a sponge with water and then add salt and floor wax.


To clean floors or natural wood floors, make sure the surface is not waterproofed. If the floor is not waterproof scrape the spot with a fine steel wool strand, bar normally and then wipe with a damp cloth to remove debris scraped wood and wax for uniform color and buffing floors … cannot fail cloth.

To remove grease stains from tile prepare a solution of hot water with ammonia, then firmly wipe the surface clean with a sponge, to remove traces of plaster, lightly rub the place with the aid of a metal spatula being careful not to scratch the tile, then passes a cotton soaked in white vinegar.

To clean marble floors, soak a sponge in some gasoline and rub the stain, to clean marble is advisable not to wet, but mopping with a microfiber cloth and polish with a dry cloth, if you want extra shine add some floor wax and buffing.

To clean ceramic floors, we recommend preparing a mixture of warm water with a few drops of bleach or dishwasher, firmly wipe and rinse, then wipe with a well dry cloth.

To clean vinyl or linoleum floors, it is advisable to prepare a solution of warm water and detergent, and proceeds to clean especially strongly stained spots then rinse the mixture and dry with a clean cloth, it is not advisable to use products like bleach or strong detergents because they are very abrasive and will dull the floor.