How To Prevent Letterbox Theft?

If you’re a homeowner, you probably know how crucial it is to always keep your front door locked and closed. It’s important to spend money on high-quality door locks for your house, but there are other things that should come first. The most obvious and crucial solution for protecting your home is having a sturdy door and dependable locks. But it’s also equally important to remember to secure your letterbox.

Unfortunately, thieves and burglars target letterboxes and gain entry into homes. A letterbox is a necessary part of many homes because it makes it easy and quick to receive mail. But if you haven’t secured it, it could be putting your property in danger. Here are some tips on preventing letterbox burglaries and safeguarding your house from such crimes.

Don’t leave your keys in plain sight

Even though it might seem like an obvious solution, it’s crucial that you keep your keys hidden, particularly if your front door has windows or glazed panels. Since most robbers and intruders are opportunists, you should make sure that when they don’t see your keys through your door or window. Rather, you should designate a specific area in your house for keeping your keys out of sight and away from the front door. Also avoid keeping all of your keys stored in key racks since they can be far too simple for thieves to locate if they manage to get access to your property.

Install key-operated locks

It is best to install key-operated locks on any letterbox. Letterbox criminals can make complex devices to reach through the letterbox flap and turn the thumb piece to unlock doors. Locks that rely on this mechanism are particularly susceptible to manipulation. If you replace them with key operated locks, you can rest assured knowing that you and your family are safe from letterbox crime and that no burglar will ever be able to enter your home.

Choose the letter box with a draught excluder

Many letterboxes nowadays come with a brush inside. The rows of Nylon bristles on the brush can increase your safety in addition to its intended function of keeping warm air from leaving your home and cold air from entering. By keeping burglars from breaking into the letterbox’s opening, the brush inside helps keep them from finding any misplaced keys or other objects that might give them access to your property. They will probably look elsewhere if they don’t find anything worth stealing. In order to block the view into your property, we advise replacing your existing letterbox with one that has an internal brush if it doesn’t already have one.

Install a letterbox restrictor

A letterbox restrictor limits the amount that your letterbox’s inner flap can open. This helps deter burglars from trying to open the flap or search for keys by pushing their hands through your letterbox. It also prevents them from trying to enter your property by pushing through any rods or other devices. Having a letterbox restrictor installed can help you feel secure about your property. As an alternative, think about setting up a mail cage. Mail cages are useful for two purposes. It will gather all of your mail and maintain your hallway or entryway organized. Secondly, having a mail cage makes it much more difficult for burglars to manipulate your locks with their technology.

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