How to Prepare For a Rainy Day Wedding

Even the best-laid wedding plans and expectations can be slammed by nature, but still, a  rainy wedding day shouldn’t be a disappointment! As long as you’ve got the right strategy in place and a qualified photographer like the famous Asian wedding photographer, rain shouldn’t stop your wedding from being fabulous. Whether you’re looking to host your wedding indoors or outdoors, you’ll still want to step out for photos and dancing sessions.

In essence, rain on your wedding day signifies good luck. So, whether it’s drizzling or pouring heavily, there is no reason to let it affect your day. Below is how to prepare in advance for a rainy wedding day so that your special day won’t be adversely affected.

Find a Good Portrait Location

The first thing to conquer rain is to have a beautiful portrait venue that’d be dim-lit and cozy. Moreover, it’s sexier, taking pictures while drizzling or pouring hard.  Think of locations like greenhouses, thrift stores, bookstores, or libraries as your wedding rainy day photo venues. Greenhouses are incredible locations considering their merge of vibrancy and warmth that creates a comfy atmosphere for you and your attendees. Also, many greenhouses are well-lit; thus, taking photos in them gives your photographer a lot of light to play in their image mastery.  Additionally, greenhouses are comfortable and peaceful for alluring portraits, especially if your photographer knows how to target the falling raindrops making your pictures look beautiful combined with a background of flowers or other aesthetic objects.

Bring Umbrellas

While you can’t control the weather on your wedding day, you can be prepared with the forecast by bringing gorgeous umbrellas that won’t just keep you from being rained on but also make the function colorful.  Fashionable wedding umbrellas are trendy today, and whether you’re interested in protecting your bridal party or enjoying a bright parasol, the following umbrellas will get you perfectly sorted:

Totes and Clear Bubble Umbrellas

When it’s precipitating on your wedding day, the best shot you’ve got is bringing totes clear bubble umbrellas. They are suitable for capturing romantic portraits, especially for offering an all–full round coverage from side rain. Additionally, Totes clear bubble umbrellas come with a water repellent coat designed for clear pictures for occasions on rainy days.

The Sheila Bridges Harlem Umbrellas

If your wedding is incorporated with traditional decorations, the Sheila bridges Harlem umbrella is a perfect option for your rainy wedding portraits. They come integrated with historical and colorful traditions, especially from African American culture styles, and are designed with different wallpaper styles.

Make Use of Pashminas

Pashminas are super comfortable and lightweight for keeping you and your partner warm. They are also colorful hence will help add your color combining designs to your festival fashion enthusiasm. Be sure to choose pashminas that suit your wedding color palette and consider custom-designed labels over the conventional ones.

Embrace Rain Boots

Some of the best bridal rain boots options to choose from include the glossy white pair that comes with brilliantly designed shades of white that fit any color combination theme. Moreover, monogram duck boots are also a good option. Monogram boots are incredible, especially if you’re interested in celebrating your wedding in muddy avenues.

Serve Dark and Stormy Wedding Cocktails

To please people and help them forget the rain, create a signature cocktail that goes with the day’s weather. Dark and stormy wedding cocktails are the best shot you’ve got for a rainy wedding.  The cocktails could be flavored differently, either as ginger beer, slices of lime, or dark rum. Also, bring cocktail umbrellas to the drinking venue to add fun and create an attractive theme for the occasion.

Bring Clear Tents

Clear tents are ideal for creating open-air weddings in the rain, especially since they provide an unobstructed view of the sky. They also offer a chance for the photographer to target raindrops while shooting photos, thus creating a beautiful theme for portraits. However, make sure your tents are clear to protect guests from wind and wets gusts of the rain and if it’s chilly, consider bringing heating towers to keep people warm and comfortable.

Keep an Eye on Protecting Your Dress

When taking pictures outdoors and want to avoid the gown from contacting mud and other elements, consider the following:

Bring a dress petticoat- Petticoats are suitable for ballgowns and come with different styles to select from. They are also designed to lift the gown’s hem hence protect it from dragging on the ground.

Spray your wedding dress’s hem– spraying the hem of your wedding dress with stain-resistant sprays help prevent it from getting dirty. Sprays also help avoid creating visible lines on sprayed areas and places contacted with mud and other dirty elements.

Typically, a rainy wedding day is a romantic sign of appreciation from Mother Nature. It makes your day memorable and fun. However, when looking to enjoy a rainy wedding day, embrace the above tips.